8 Things Every Guy Wants Their Girl To Know About Football

The football World Cup is coming and seeing how the male brigade goes crazy and their female counterparts feel left out, we, at SAYS thought, it would be a good idea to give the girls a crash-course in all that is there to know about football and how not to embarrass themselves.

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1. One team consists of 11 players INCLUDING the goalkeeper. Not 10, not 12 and not 13.

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2. There's only FOUR positions available in a team namely goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker...or forward

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3. One game consists of two halves, the first half and the second half. Each half last for 45 minutes. So, one football game or two halves equal to 90 minutes. Do the math.

4. A goal is worth 1 point. There's no 3 points in football like in basketball. But wait, we bet girls don't even know there's 3 points in basketball, right?

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5. When a player manage to score 3 goals in one game, we call it a HAT-TRICK. Well, not the one that the magicians usually do on stage.

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6. World Cup and European Championship only happen ONCE in four years, just like the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games

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7. The term "referee kayu" can only be used for bad referees. There's no such thing as "pemain kayu".

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8. And last but not least, the most difficult and annoying thing ever to explain to girls. OFFSIDE! Maybe this situation might help:

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You don't want to look like this during the World Cup, right ladies?

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