Datuk Lee Chong Wei Implicated As The Athlete Who Failed Drug Test

Datuk Lee Chong Wei has been implicated as the "top athlete" who failed a drug test conducted after a major tournament recently.

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30 Apr — 04:52 PM

Lee Chong Wei Denies Rumours That Rosmah Gave Him Tainted Cordyceps

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The banned drug which resulted in Malaysian badminton star Datuk Lee Chong Wei getting an eight-month ban was given to him by the wife of a "very influential man in Malaysia", the Badminton World Federation's (BWF) three-man anti-doping panel has revealed.

Badminton ace Lee Chong Wei has confirmed that the woman who gave him Cordyceps tablets was not Rosmah Mansor, the wife of prime minister Najib Razak. “Yes. I can confirm it is not her. However, I am not (at) liberty to reveal the name of the person (who gave him the tablets),” Lee told Malaysiakini.

A source familiar with the matter told Malaysiakini, “This person had given him the herbal concoction without realising that its contents would cause problems. There was no malice on her part. It was just an honest mistake.”
30 Apr — 05:27 PM

Meanwhile, BAM's Failure To Test The Cordyceps Capsules Brings To Light Another Concern

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Officials at the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) while aware that Lee was consuming the capsules, did not however test the capsules for banned substances.

"It is worrying if he has received unsatisfactory anti-doping education from BAM or other sources and/or the focus on anti-doping security has been unsatisfactory," the BWF report said.

The BWF had found Lee guilty of having the non-performance enhancer dexamethasone in his system. The drug is normally used as an anti-inflammatory drug during the off-season.

Don't know what Cordyceps look like? Photo here:

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27 Apr — 04:34 PM

Datuk Lee Chong Wei Will Be Back This May

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It is learnt that shuttler Lee Chong Wei has been served with an eight-month ban over a doping violation. The good news is that the sentence will be backdated from Aug 30 and he will be eligible to play in competitions from May 1. Chong Wei will therefore be able to compete in three upcoming majors - the Sudirman Cup in Dongguan from May 10-17, the SEA Games in Singapore in June and the World Championships in Jakarta in August.
27 Apr — 04:06 PM

Razif Sidek Bows Out From Feud With Datuk Lee Chong Wei With A Public Apology

Image via The Star Online

Former badminton great Razif Sidek has made a public apology to world No. 1 Lee Chong Wei for making baseless accusations over the Penangite’s doping issue. Yesterday, Razif placed an advertisement in The Star – apologising and retracting an earlier statement he had made to a local Malay newspaper.

Former national badminton ace, Razif Sidek today issued an apology and retraction in a Malay and Chinese daily over statements made regarding world No 1 Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

Razif Sidek's apology in English.

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Razif Sidek's apology in Malay.

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04 Dec — 10:55 AM

Khairy Wants No Part In The Lee Chong Wei-Razif Sidek Dispute

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin today stressed he would not interfere in the ‘feud’ between Lee Chong Wei, former national doubles player Razif Sidek and a Malay daily. Khairy said the issue between Chong Wei and Razif was a private matter and up to the individual players to decide on any legal action.

"I have told Chong Wei that he can take whatever action if he wants...I too did not encourage or discourage Chong Wei to take any action against Razif because this is a personal matter. Chong Wei has a reputation to safeguard," he said after presenting a talk titled 'Malaysia's Human Capital Towards High Income Economy' at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur today.
02 Dec — 05:51 PM

Datuk Lee Chong Wei Takes Further Legal Actions Against Razif Sidek For Defamation

National shuttler Datuk Lee Chong Wei has confirmed that he will be suing former national badminton doubles player, Razif Sidek, and a Malay daily over allegations that he was involved in doping. "The allegations are not true. Just because I have a doping case now, you can't simply say anything. Does he have any proof to justify his claims?" he told The Star Online Tuesday.

“My lawyer sent him a letter a few days ago and we will settle this matter in court. He (Razif) had called me to apologise after receiving the letter, but what’s done is done,” fumed Chong Wei, who had tried without success to contact Razif when the story first broke

“I can’t let this go because he defamed me.

“As a former shuttler, I’m sure he knew better than to make false allegations against me — especially during these trying times. He has hurt not only me, but the entire country with his comments.”

The two-time Olympic silver medallist added: “Why don’t you (the press) try and contact him to see what he has to say?”

Efforts to get in touch with Razif proved futile.
01 Dec — 01:02 PM

Representative Of Lee Chong Wei Requests For Hearing To Be Postponed

Image via The Star Online

Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin yesterday said the Badminton World Federation (BWF) had written to the BA of Malaysia (BAM), confirming the anti-doping hearing will be held in Amsterdam on Dec 8.

The lawer appointed by the Badminton Association of Malaysia to represent Lee Chong Wei in his doping case has sent a letter to the Badminton World Federation (BWF) to request for the hearing of the case to be postponed.

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said this was because Chong Wei’s counsel needed time to prepare the case in more detail after BAM was informed that the date of the hearing was scheduled this Dec 8 in Amsterdam.

BAM is expecting to hear the new date by this week.
01 Dec — 01:02 PM

Former Doping Control Officer, Dr. Lim Explains Why Lee Chong Wei Should Not Be Banned

I was involved in doping controls in SEA, the Asian and Commonwealth Games and a few other world championships. Let me say also that the work of a doping control officer is very detailed and simple mistakes can lead to very grave consequences.

I personally hope that this commentary reaches those involved in the arbitration of Chong Wei’s case and if he is to be penalised, it should rightly be just a warning and not a ban.

In 2005 I threw in the towel realising that there are more pitfalls in dope testing in sports that one can imagine. Now after two decades, I have realised that I was involved with something that appears fine on the surface, but in reality flawed to the core.

The whole thing about dope testing in sports is nothing more than a giant publicity exercise on the grand stage of world sports, not unlike many of the NGOs in existence fighting for all sorts of imaginary causes and costing millions if not billions of dollars. Everyone talks about how dope testing helps to weed out the cheats and deter athletes from ruining their health. However, not many people know that there are pitfalls in the entire dope control mechanism.

Our own athlete, Datuk Lee Chong Wei was inadvertently given a banned substance by sports medicine doctors to treat a medical condition. Assuming the doctors felt that the drug would have “washed out” of the athlete’s system before his next competition, it must be remembered that “washed out” times depend on several factors namely, the dose given, the size of the athlete. Also different people have different metabolisms and hence excretion rates.

Chong Wei was given a substance that has no performance enhancing ability, indeed a substance that is disadvantageous to his sport as it weakens muscles and chronic use causes muscles to waste. For this misadventure, he has to suffer irreparable damage to his reputation for the rest of his life.
13 Nov — 12:46 PM

Razif Sidek Slammed For Allegations Of Chong Wei In Doping Scandal

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin had lambasted former national shuttler Razif Sidek for alleging that Datuk Lee Chong Wei had been using the banned dexamethasone substance for a long time.

Saying Razif was acting irresponsibly, Khairy added, ”He (Razif) is making a very serious allegation. He has to come forward and show some evidence, he can’t just make such allegations,” said Khairy.

"This is a serious allegation which I find disturbing," he said at a press conference after giving a talk at the Retirement Fund Incorporated (KWAP) Leadership Series Wednesday. He also urged people not to jump into any conclusion yet.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s lawyers have told former national shuttler Razif Sidek to retract defamatory allegations that the badminton world number one was a long-time user of a banned substance, Khairy Jamaluddin said today.
12 Nov — 05:58 PM

Sidek Brothers Divided On Support For Datuk Lee Chong Wei

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Former national shuttler Razif Sidek claimed that world No. 1 Datuk Lee Chong Wei has been using for a long time the banned substance like the one he was reported to have tested positive for in the recent doping scandal.

Razif made this claim via Malay daily Kosmo! where he alleged that many badminton officers within the Badminton Association Malaysia (BAM) were aware of what Chong Wei was doing. He also alleged that Chong Wei had hired a foreign doctor for that purpose. However, Razif claimed that no one dared to say anything due to Chong Wei’s credibility as a world badminton champion.

“It was hard to say anything before because there was no concrete proof. But now he has been caught. I don’t want to make accusations, but this has been going on for a while,” Razif alleged.
“Other players, senior and junior player, had gotten wind of it, but they realised that this athlete was a national hero.

National single’s badminton coach Rashid Sidek has publicly contradicted his brother Razif and pledged full support for Chong Wei. He has offered to give a full statement to the WBF in support of the suspended player.

When asked to comment on his brother, national badminton single’s coach Rashid Sidek throwing his support behind Chong Wei, Razif said it was understandable that everyone would want to help out the national shuttler.
11 Nov — 09:34 PM

Datuk Lee Chong Wei 'Provisionally' Suspended For 'Apparent' Doping

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Badminton's governing body confirmed today that Lee Chong Wei has been suspended "due to an apparent anti-doping regulation violation", identifying him for the first time after weeks of reports naming the world number one.

"The world-governing body has imposed this suspension due to an Adverse Analytical Finding of a sample taken at the BWF World Championships in August," the BWF said in a statement. "The BWF has referred the matter to the BWF Doping Hearing Panel and, in due course, the Chair of the Panel will set the time, date and location of a hearing. "The Panel will determine whether or not the athlete has committed an anti-doping regulation violation," it added.

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) said the Malaysian star was barred from competing until its panel determines whether he has committed a violation, after he failed a drugs test at the BWF World Championships in August. No date for the hearing has been given, and the BWF declined further comment.

In accordance with Clause 14.4.1 of the BWF Anti-Doping Regulations, and following the imposition of the provisional suspension, the BWF and the member association - the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) - are now able to publicly identify the player involved in this matter. The Provisional Suspension (Clause 7.6.2) means the athlete is barred temporarily from participation in any competition prior to the BWF Doping Hearing Panel's decision.

There will be no further comment from the BWF regarding this matter until the BWF Doping Hearing Panel makes a decision, said the statement.
11 Nov — 09:34 PM

Drugs Were Administered To Datuk Lee Chong Wei By A Specialist Clinic

The banned substance was administered by a specialist sports clinic in Kuala Lumpur.

Image via The Star

The banned substance Dexamethasone was not administered to Malaysian badminton star Lee Chong Wei by doctors at the country's National Sports Institute (ISN), but by a specialist sports clinic in Kuala Lumpur as part of stem-cell treatment for an injury.

This was revealed by Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin yesterday.
"Dexamethasone is allowed for athletes seeking treatment for injuries," he told reporters after attending the launch of the GeNexter Carnival 2014 in Putrajaya.

"Traces remain in the body for 10 days but in this case, we are not sure why it lasted longer than that," he told reporters after attending the launching of the GeNexter Carnival 2014 in Putrajaya, Sunday. Chong Wei had reportedly suffered a thigh injury and sought stem cell treatment in July.
09 Nov — 12:14 PM

World No.1 Shuttler Breaks His Silence, Says He Is Not A Cheat

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World No.1 Datuk Lee Chong Wei has finally broken his silence, saying that he is not a cheat and the past month has been beyond unbearable for him. "On Oct 2, I received a letter that I had failed a dope test after coming back from the Asian Games in Incheon," he said.

"I was shocked," he recalled. "I have played badminton for so long and to experience this for the first time was very difficult." Stressing that he was not a cheat, he said: "I do not use drugs to enhance my performance. "Maintaining a good name in the international stage is more important to me.

"I have worked hard all my life and I do not take shortcuts. I have been a World No.1 player for so long and have gone through over 100 doping tests. I know the danger of drugs. I do not even drink when I go out with friends - to be very sure of what I consume. I am careful. I strongly believe that this is not my fault."

"One cannot even buy this banned substance from the counter at any pharmacy. It has to be prescribed by a doctor. That is why when I was asked whether I wanted to open up sample B, I did not hesitate at all." He said it was a trying time for him emotionally. "My wife knows how affected I was. I was hoping that it was all just a bad dream. I was so stressed that I had to leave the country at one point."

Lee also wrote on his Facebook account that he hopes to clear his name soon. "I just want to thank every one of you who had faith in me through these difficult times. There are so many unanswered questions and I hope to clear my name soon."
08 Nov — 04:19 PM

Khairy Says Lee Chong Wei's Positive Dope Test Shouldn't Affect Public Perception Of Badminton

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Lee Chong Wei’s positive dope test can’t be compared to the cases of Ben Johnson or Lance Armstrong as the substance found in the shuttler’s urine sample was a medical steroid to aid athletes' rehabilitation said Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

"I want to stress this is not a performance enhancing drug. It shouldn't affect (public) perception of badminton (in Malaysia). This is not Ben Johnson or Lance Armstrong," he told reporters after the launch of the Genexter Forum here Saturday, adding that it was an "unfortunate, isolated case".

The Ministry and the Badminton Association of Malaysia are waiting for the Badminton World Federation to confirm the date of Chong Wei's hearing after the shuttler tested positive for dexamethasone in a random urine test on Aug 30. His B sample also tested positive for the substance.

"We will make sure we present the best possible case," said Khairy adding that he had not spoken to Lee yet. Chong Wei faces a maximum two-year ban from the sport although the BWF could hand out a reduced sentence depending on various factors, which include the athlete’s intention, track record and conduct during his career.

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar

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08 Nov — 12:40 PM

Lee Chong Wei's B Sample Tests Positive. What Next For The Badminton Champ?

Malaysia’s world number one badminton star Lee Chong Wei has tested positive for the banned substance dexamethasone, The Star newspaper reported on Saturday. Lee underwent a standard procedure random drug test at the World Championships in Copenhagen on Aug 30 where his A sample returned positive. On Thursday, Lee was in Norway to witness the opening of his B sample for testing.

The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) will make an official announcement in a press conference at 2pm at BAM headquarters in Bukit Kiara on Saturday. The press conference will be chaired by BAM's working committee on doping, Datuk Norza Zakaria.
08 Nov — 12:37 PM

As Per The Star, Lee Chong Wei Faces A Two-Year Ban. But He Will Get A Chance For A Hearing With The Badminton World Federation (BWF), In A Date To Be Announced Soon.

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07 Nov — 12:29 PM

Lee Chong Wei Could Be Suspended For Up To Two Years If Tested Positive In Second Doping Test

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Malaysia's badminton world number one Lee Chong Wei has witnessed a second doping test on his urine sample in Norway after an initial test came back positive for a banned substance, newspaper reports said Thursday (Nov 6).

If the second sample is positive, Malaysia's badminton world number one could be stripped of the silver medal he won at the 2014 World Championships and suspended for up to two years.
07 Nov — 12:28 PM

Lee Tested Positive For Dexamethasone, An Anti-Inflammatory Drug Used To An Inner Thigh Injury On 17 July

Image via The Star

On Thursday, Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said that they were awaiting for another random dope test result of Chong Wei conducted on Aug 15 to shed some light on the presence of the banned substance dexamethasone in the shuttler’s urine.

Dexamethasone is not a performance-enhancing drug but a type of steroid medication with anti-inflammatory effects that is usually used to aid an athlete’s rehabilitation.

Khairy said a thorough investigation on the shuttler’s recent medical history revealed that dexamethasone was administered into his body on July 17 to treat his injury.
07 Nov — 12:28 PM

The Drug Usually Takes 10 Days To Two Weeks To Metabolise And Should Not Be In The System For More Than A Month. Various Tests Were Being Carried Out On The Athlete's Supplements And Even His Hair Gel So That Nothing Is Left Unturned.

Dexamethasone usually takes 10 days to two weeks to metabolise.

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“Once administered into an athlete’s body, dexamethasone should metabolize within 10 to two weeks. It should not be in the system for more than a month. “We are checking the sample again (in Barcelona). If we find traces of dexamethasone, that will confirm for some freak reason the slow metabolism process of the substance in the athlete’s body.

“It will give us some clue on how it can be in his system for so long (from July 17-Aug 30). It will help us to establish a point that will help us in the mitigating process,” said Khairy. He added that various independent tests were also carried out by the National Sports Institute (NSI). “The NSI have also conducted tests on the athlete’s supplements and drinks, his bird’s nest consumption and even his hair gel. We want to be as thorough as possible,” said Khairy.
07 Nov — 12:28 PM

In Preparation For The Results, Lee Chong Wei Will Be Aided By Top Sports Lawyer, Mike Morgan. Mike Was Named As One Of The Top 20 Most Influential Sports Lawyers And Will Ensure A Minimal Sentence Against The Athlete If Found Positive.

Mike Morgan is an influential sports lawyer.

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The Youth and Sports Ministry has engaged a prominent sports lawyer to assist in the case of one of the country’s top athletes who has reportedly tested positive for doping.

ts minister Khairy Jamaluddin said he had been in touch with Mike Morgan, with the result of the B sample test expected to be known today.“(However) if the B sample is found positive, Mike will prepare the mitigation to ensure a minimal sentence against the athlete in question,” he told reporters after opening a programme involving wives of Barisan Nasional elected representatives, here today. For the record, Morgan was named as one of the top 20 most influential sports lawyers and has drafted disciplinary rules to advice on anti-doping investigation.
07 Nov — 12:28 PM

On 30 August 2014, it was reported that an athlete had failed a drug test, but the name was withheld pending the results of a second "B" sample. It has now been confirmed that the athlete who failed the drug test is none other than Lee Chong Wei.

Lee Chong Wei, Malaysia’s darling of badminton, has been reported by The Star Online as the top athlete who failed a recent drug test.

Lee was picked at random to be tested for drugs after a tournament recently and expressed his utter shock when informed later that he had failed the test.
26 Oct — 05:53 PM

Lee had been notified of the failed doping test on 1 October, and had requested for the "B" sample to be tested 16 days later, a day before the deadline to request for the test, The Star reported

The athlete was said to be going overseas to observe testing of the "B" sample. There was no mention of the date when the test results over "B" sample would be released.
26 Oct — 05:53 PM

Meanwhile, Ministry of Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said that it will not tolerate athletes who tested positive for doping

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Saying athletes could not go on blaming their coaches or medical specialists when they failed drug tests, Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said it was up to the athletes themselves to ensure the food, supplements and treatments they took were free of substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

“Athletes cannot blame the coaches or medical specialists but themselves. We take this matter seriously as Malaysia once sat on the WADA board. We have zero tolerance for athletes involved in doping,” he told reporters before a Deepavali walkabout in Brickfield, here today.

Khairy also said the ministry upheld its “zero tolerance” policy when it came to the issue of doping among athletes. He reiterated this in light of an investigation now being conducted by the National Sports Institute (ISN) and the Malaysian Anti-Doping Agency (Adamas) regarding the case.
14 Nov — 01:15 PM

In the Asian Games, Malaysia lost both the appeal and Wushu Gold Medal

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