#ESLOne 2018: Newbee Is The ESL One Genting 2018 Champion!

A thrilling grand finals!

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They have finally beaten Team Liquid after nine attempts! Here’s to NEWBEEGINNINGS!

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Full house at the Arena of Stars

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Over 6,000 Dota 2 fans who made the trip to Genting Highlands for the three-day event will go home happy as they witnessed an amazing grand finals that did not disappoint.

Props to our local fans for keeping their energy high throughout the entire event and especially during the grand finals.

It was Newbee's first series win over Team Liquid in 10 attempts.

Song "Sccc" Chun from Newbee was god-like as Newbee took game one

Newbee and Team Liquid started the match very evenly until the 22-minute mark where Newbee team wiped Team Liquid. 

Team Liquid called GG at the 29-minute mark as Newbee wiped Team Liquid two more times.

Newbee 1 - 0 Liquid

Team Liquid bounced back in game two to level the series

Newbee started game two strongly but Team Liquid managed to keep up in farm with the former. As the game dragged on, Amer "Miracle" Al-Barqawi's Terrorblade was too farmed for Newbee to deal with.

Newbee tapped out at the 38-minute mark.

Team Liquid 1 - 1 Newbee.

Newbee's duo, Xu "Moogy" Han and Song "Sccc" Chun carried Newbee to a game three victory

Team Liquid picked Invoker for superstar, Miracle. Despite Miracle's best efforts to keep Team Liquid in the game, Newbee's core heroes outpowered everyone else from Team Liquid. 

Team Liquid conceded the game after 34 minutes.

Newbee 2 - 1 Team Liquid

Team Liquid takes game four easily to equalise the series

Team Liquid dominated game four right from the start to push the series to a game five. Newbee called GG after losing 2 sets of rax with Team Liquid's core heroes too farmed for Newbee to handle.

Newbee 2 - 2 Team Liquid.

Newbee wins!

The early game went terribly for Team Liquid as they were down 17-5 kills before the 20-minute mark. Despite losing out in kills, Team Liquid stayed very much in the game as the gold lead never grew bigger than 3K for Newbee. 

Team Liquid turned the game into their favour for a brief moment when they took a great fight at the Roshan pit. Not only did they kill off three heroes from Newbee, they got the Aegis as well.

However, the day belongs to Newbee as they won the next 3 team fights to secure game five as well as the title of ESL One Genting 2018 Champion.

Newbee 3 - 2 Team Liquid.

Newbee’s win marks the end to an amazing Dota tournament here in Malaysia!

Newbee wins!

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Newbee will go home with ESL One Trophy, USD160,000 (RM600,000) and 200 Qualifying Points, while Liquid will still go home USD80,000 (RM300,000) richer with 120 points Qualifying Points.

Sccc lifting the trophy with his teammates

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Newbee wins!

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