'Ultras' & 15 More Football Jargon You Should Know To Fit In With Your 'Kaki Bola' Friends

A beginner's guide to help football noobs.

Cover image via Futbol.Asia & InyarWanda (Edited by SAYS)

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Are you a total football noob?

Like whenever you meet up or video call with friends who are obsessed with football, they start talking about the sport and using terms and lingo you langsung tak faham, omgggg.

Haihhh, but don't worry, 'cause we've prepared a beginner's guide to help you learn how to speak 'football', so that you can fit in with your friends, hehe.

Here are some common phrases kaki bolas love to use and important football terms you'll need to know to understand the game:

1. Dive – Where a player exaggerates their fall to deceive the referee that a foul has been committed

Like, take a look at this GIF. That can't be real, right? -__-

Image via GIPHY

2. Man on! – A shout uttered by teammates or fans to warn the player with the ball that their rival is nearby

So, start screaming, 'Man on!' if you ever see your favourite football player about to be tackled by a rival. 

Image via Goal

3. Ultras – A term used to describe fanatical football fans, especially those who demonstrate excessive and colourful displays

Check out these Malaysian ultras, wahhhhh. :o 

Image via Futbol.Asia

4. Handball – When a player touches the ball with their hands, resulting in a penalty or a free-kick for the opponent

However, a football team will not be awarded a free-kick if their opponent touches the ball accidentally. But, the opponent will still receive a card from the referee.

Image via Yorkshire Live

5. Nutmeg/Olé – An action in which the player kicks the ball between the opponent's legs

Here's an example: "That defender is sulking because he kena olé by Ronaldo just now." 

Image via GIPHY

6. Offside — When a player is closer to the opponent's goal line than the second last opponent before the ball is kicked in their direction

Aiyaaaa, hard to explain lah offside rule. You can go read more about it here, hehe.

Image via Premier League

7. Showboat – A player who tries to show off their skills to impress their fans

Loooook at this GIF of Luis Nani, he's showboating lah. xD

8. Video assistant referee (VAR) – A referee who reviews video footage, specifically on goals, penalties, red cards, and mistaken identities

VAR is essential to football matches, as they help to minimise human errors by watching video footage. 

Image via UEFA

9. Cracker – To describe an excellent football match or an outstanding goal

For example, "That was a cracking goal!" 

Image via GIPHY

10. Pocketed/In his pocket – When the player, usually the defender, has control of the opponent

Like this photo that shows defender Ashley Young having Mo Salah in his pocket!

11. Chip shot – To describe a ball that is kicked from beneath with minimal force, so that it launches high into the air

This trick is often used because with the ball high in the air, it's out of the goalkeeper's reach. 

Image via GIPHY

12. Clean sheet – A football team that does not concede any goals throughout the match

For example, "Portugal have kept a clean sheet for the past few matches."

Image via Pinterest

13. Sliding tackle – A technique in which the player slides on the ground and extends their leg to tackle the opponent's ball

Take a look at this EPIC slide tackle! 

Image via GIPHY

14. Dribble – An attacking move in which the player moves the ball around swiftly without losing possession

It's notably one of the most difficult skills to master, and one of the best attacking techniques in the game. Check out Messi's dribbling skills, tererrrr

Image via GIPHY

15. Tiki-taka – When the ball gets passed around swiftly between teammates to break the opponent's defense

For example, "The teammates used tiki-taka to prevent the opponent from stealing their ball." 

16. Through-ball – A form of a pass where the player passes the ball to their teammate by kicking it through the opponent's defense

Take a look at this GIF of Bruno Fernandes, a football player known for his through-ball skills.

So, ready to talk 'football' dy? :p

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