Former M'sian Footballer Is Selling Medals For RM30,000 Due To Financial Struggles

"Letting go of my MPPJ FC medals from 2001 to 2004. I want to cover the salary I didn't receive for four months," he said.

Cover image via Jamsari Sabian (Facebook) & Jamsari Sabian

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Having won more than 10 championship titles during his eight years as a professional football player, Jamsari Sabian is selling the medals he won during his glory days due to financial struggles

In a Facebook post on Sunday, 31 December, the former Petaling Jaya Municipal Council Football Club (MPPJ FC) goalkeeper said he hopes to sell the medals he had helped win during MPPJ FC's golden era.

"Letting go of my MPPJ FC medals from 2001 to 2004. I want to cover the salary I didn't receive for four months, so I have to let these medals go," he wrote.

MPPJ FC won the Malaysia Cup in 2003, as well as the Malaysia Premier League and the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Cup, also known as Piala Sumbangsih, in 2004.

Now a goalkeeping coach for Kelantan United FC, Jamsari said he intends to sell the medals for RM30,000 as the football club's management has not paid his salary on time

"I indeed want to sell the medals for RM30,000 mainly because of financial reasons. I haven't received a salary for five months," he told Sinar Harian in an interview today, 3 January, after his Facebook post gained attention online.

"However, I am grateful that Kelantan United has paid for August and September yesterday. The remaining months are October, November, and December," he continued.

The former athlete added that the Kelantan United FC management has promised to settle his remaining late payments by the end of January.

Jamsari Sabian now works as a goalkeeping coach.

Image via Selangorkini

Jamsari, who retired professionally in 2008, said he is still determined to sell the medals for additional cash

"If anyone is interested, they can contact me," he told Sinar Harian.

According to the Malay daily, Jamsari previously sold another collection of medals he had won during his time with Selangor FC, which were the Malaysia Premier League, Malaysia Cup, and Malaysia FA Cup medals he won in 2005.

The former player admitted to feeling somewhat saddened by the outstanding salary situation that continues to affect Malaysian football players and competitions.

"I actually don't want to make a fuss about matters like this because I retired due to issues like these. But when I returned to [coach] football, these issues are still prevalent.

"It's not good for our football industry," he said.

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