Germany's Football Team Is Already Winning M'sians' Hearts With Their Malay Facebook Posts

Maybe they do have a Malaysian admin!

Cover image via Germany Football Team - Die Mannschaft (edited)

There's one week left 'til the 2018 FIFA World Cup officially kicks off, but the German football team is already winning the social media game among their Malaysian fans

In the past week or so, the defending champions' Facebook page has been posting updates in Malay in the days leading up to the World Cup

The posts came as a pleasant surprise to the team's Malaysian fans, with many praising the page's admin - some of whom think might be Malaysian - for their proficiency in the language

Though most of its posts are still written in English, the page has been pretty great at engaging the team's local fans with the geo-targetted posts:

They're also prepping fans to cheer on the team in the upcoming World Cup with mini German lessons!

This poetic birthday wish for Marco Reus is the very definition of mencuit hati

Who says Germans* don't have a sense of humour? :p

Cheeky. *insert smirking emoji here*

For more quality Malay content like these, follow the German football team here. Auf geht's Deutschland!

Make sure to tune into RTM for free live matches as the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is set to kick off on 14 June:

Also, read about how Malaysians came together to raise thousands of ringgit so that RTM could air World Cup matches live 36 years ago:

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