Goh Asks BAM How Is She Going To Survive Now If She's Not Allowed To Play Internationally

According to the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) deputy president Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos, the decision, while hard, was necessary to safeguard its integrity as a national institution and custodian of the sport's national interest.

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Two-time world junior champion Goh Jin Wei, who has been banned for two years for quitting the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM), has asked the association how is she going to survive now

In a video uploaded on her YouTube channel last night, 22 January, Goh addressed the announcement by BAM that for the next two years they won't register her for any international tournaments.

Goh, who turns 22 on 30 January this year, questioned the timing of the decision given that BAM had already accepted her resignation in September last year without any objection.

"First of all, they (BAM) had already accepted my resignation in September 2021 and there has been no objection at all for so long and why only now there's an issue?" she asked.

At the time, the former women's singles shuttler had announced her retirement from the sport, citing medical reasons. Earlier this month, Goh signed a three-year contract with Kuala Lumpur Racquet Club.

She addressed this in her video, saying that given her health history and condition, she was unable to give her 100% commitment and stand the rigorous training under BAM.

"Everyone, including my ex-teammates, coaches, and management in the national team knew that I want to train and play at my own pace, and monitor my health condition at the same time," Goh said.

In 2019, she underwent surgery to remove part of her colon due to a stomach ailment.

According to Goh, the fact that she was able to register herself for the Syed Modi India International 2022 shows that she actually has the right to play and is not breaching any of the BAM's policies

"...[how] was I able to register myself for the India Open...? the Penangite asked in the video, stating that due to the respect she has for the national body, she allowed BAM to pull her name out from these tournaments first before she sits down with the management to discuss and let them know about her plans.

"It means that I actually have the rights to play and I am not breaching any policy."

Goh goes on to say that now that BAM has refused to help register her for any international tournaments, they are effectively banning her

"If you refuse to register me, I cannot play internationally, and it's affecting my livelihood," she said.

Badminton is the only skill set I know, and it's my job. How am I going to survive then?
Goh Jin Wei

Determined to still bring glory to Malaysia again, Goh expressed confusion about what it is that she has done wrong to be banned

"I am sure I can still bring glory to Malaysia again, so I really don't know what I have done wrong that has caused me to be banned from international tournaments for two years, despite me giving my best effort all the time to serve Malaysia," she said while thanking people for the love and support they have given her.

According to BAM deputy president Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos, the decision, while hard, was necessary to safeguard BAM's integrity as a national institution and custodian of the sport's national interest

"As the custodian of the national badminton interest, the association has reached these difficult decisions to safeguard not only the ecosystem of the national badminton as a whole but also the players nurtured and developed by BAM. There are also financial repercussions that we, as the association would have to consider as it would impact the development of the national players," Jahaberdeen said.

He was speaking during a press conference at the Academy Badminton Malaysia in Bukit Kiara on Friday, 21 January, while announcing the decision to ban Goh along with Lee Zii Jia for two years.

Lee, who recently quit BAM, was slapped with a similar ban as Goh.

The two-year ban will see both players out of contention for the next Olympics, as the one-year Olympic qualifying period for the 2024 Games will commence in the middle of next year.

Jahaberdeen also said that the two players can still return to the national fold if they make a U-turn on their decision and file an appeal

"BAM is compassionate and we are ready to welcome back these players with open arms if they are ready to appeal. It has happened in the past, with Toh Ee Wei. She also faced a two-year sanction but she appealed and we took her back in," the chairman of the legal advisory committee said.

"But we need to be clear that BAM is bigger than any single player. This is national interest."

BAM deputy presidents Jahaberdeen (centre) and V Subramaniam (left), with BAM secretary-general Kenny Goh.

Image via Mohamad Shahril Badri Saali/New Straits Times

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