Japanese Football Fan Thanks His Boss For Giving Him 2 Weeks Off To Watch FIFA World Cup

Take note, employers!

Cover image via @FIFAWorldCup (Twitter)

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The FIFA World Cup 2022 kicked off on 20 November in Qatar and it is quite possibly the event of the year for hardcore football fans

Most wouldn't miss the football games for the world, but unfortunately, some footie fans still had work to think about, and would either have to watch the match through a screen or after work.

However, one Japanese fan wasn't going to let that happen to him as he made sure to take two weeks off work, letting everyone know in the process.

In an iconic picture, the ecstatic football fan was depicted as proudly showing off his handwritten sign to the camera.

The sign on the photo, uploaded by @FIFAWorldCup Twitter account, read, "Dear my boss, thank you for my two week[s] off!"

The picture went viral amongst football fans, garnering 22,500 retweets and 134,300 likes on Twitter

The official FIFA World Cup account also cheekily captioned the tweet, "This one goes out to all the bosses out there," giving tribute to whichever boss allowed their employees time off to watch or attend the football match.

This Japanese football fan in particular must be thanking his lucky stars that he got time off, because his home country played a stunning match against Germany, beating them with a score of 2-1.

Japan is the third team to have dethroned Germany in the football tournament.

Many netizens were amused by the photo and praised the fan's employer for giving him some time off

Image via Twitter

Others were hoping that their own bosses would take this as an example and give them time off too

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Incidentally, a Twitter account, presumably the fan's employer, quoted the tweet and told him to enjoy his vacation.

Boss of the year!

Even though Japanese fans in Qatar were far from home, they clearly did not leave their discipline and respectfulness behind:

While the Japanese brought their values, Malaysian fans brought a piece of our culture to the games:

Meanwhile, this Malaysian football fan decided to cheer on a different type of team during the World Cup:

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