Malaysian Pro Athlete Breaks His 2nd World Record With Highest Seated Box Jump

Harinder had originally broken the world record for highest single leg jump.

Cover image via @harinsekhon (TikTok)

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On 15 October, former Malaysian cricket player Harinder Sekhon officially made history, by breaking his second Guinness World Record for box jumping

Malaysian athlete Harinder Sekhon has found his name etched in the Guinness World Records — again!

Having worked tirelessly towards his goal for the past 11 months, the full-time Mathematics teacher claimed the record for 'Highest Seated Box Jump' at 1.52m (otherwise 4ft 11inch tall).

For this record, the 31-year-old trained and practised to do the jump on top of the box from a seated position, thereby elevating the level of complexity when carrying it out.

Harinder making the jump on 15 October.

Image via @harinsekhon (TikTok)

However, this was not the first time Harinder broke a Guiness World Record, after breaking the record for 'Highest One Leg Standing Jump' in May 2021 at 1.38m (4ft 6.5inch) high

In a brief conversation with SAYS, Harinder detailed his process to get to this point of breaking a Guinness World Record, and how taxing it was.

"I have three to four leg days in the gym where I'd do weighted exercises and also explosive [plyometrics and jumping] exercises. I go to the track once a week to work on speed and jumping, too," he shared with this SAYS writer.

Doing the near impossible (by many people's standard at least), Harinder stated how he hasn't had a cheat meal, desserts, soft drinks, or fast food since deciding to try and break this world record about nine to 10 months ago. "My diet mainly consists of only home-cooked food that's prepared very cleanly."

Harinder's Guinness World Record.

Image via @harinsekhon (Instagram)

Despite breaking a second world record just days ago, Harinder expressed how the work to break his next record starts right away.

The athlete explained how he hopes to break another record by the first quarter of 2023.

Shifting his focus from box jumping, Harinder hopes to accomplish a record for long jump this time.

Expressing his gratitude towards his family and friends, Harinder also extended his thanks to brands Under Armour, Myprotein, Kuckrejas, and the school he currently teaches at, MAZ International School, for their ongoing and continuous support.

Bringing glory to the nation, we tip our hat to Harinder for his impeccable accomplishment!

Watch Harinder break his second Guinness World Record below:

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