Malaysians Stand Against Haters Who Had Issues With This Female Racer's ‘Tight’ Suit

Motorcycle racing champion Siti Fatimah Husna came under the spotlight when photos of her in action went viral on social media.

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Don't let her demure appearance fool you, Siti Fatimah Husna is actually a bad a** on a bike! Just last year, the 25-year-old beat out 10 male riders to emerge as the champion of the Malaysian Supermoto Championship CKD.

A mechanical engineer by training, Siti Fatimah Husna - then 24 - was the only female racer to complete in the race, held in June 2015. She credits two of her brothers, both of whom are also bikers, for igniting her interest in the sport.

Siti is currently part of the Cub Prix Petronas Yamaha team and recently took part in the Petronas Malaysian Cub Prix held in Teluk Intan, Perak on 30 and 31 July.

Most recently, Siti became the talk of social media when a collage of the racing champion in action was widely circulated via several popular Facebook pages

The above collage was shared on Metafora Anafora, Siakap Keli, and Oh! Media, all of which have huge followings on Facebook.

While many were pleasantly surprised and lauded the young lady for her achievements, some criticised her for wearing a figure-hugging racing suit which they deemed inappropriate for a Muslim woman

Translated: Sports attire that is not appropriate for Muslim women... so join another sport that adheres to the appropriate dress code for Muslim women.

Translated: Regardless of reason, that attire is still forbidden as the shape of her body can be seen. There are other professions for her to pursue in Malaysia, it's not like she's in a desperate situation.

According to the The Heat Malaysia, a few commenters also remarked that the "tight racing suit" made Siti look like a "Playboy model" and that they can see "every inch of her body in that racing suit, including her breasts".

But Malaysians are having none of it. Siti's critics proved to be the extreme minority as many condemned the critics for diminishing her achievements in favour of focusing on her attire and body.

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Moreover, some pointed out that racing suits are designed to protect racers from suffering major injuries if they get into any accidents on the racing track. To add, wearing loose clothing may cause it to get caught in the bike's machinery and even get torn when a racer makes a sharp corner turn.

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Countering the nasty comments levelled at Siti, many sent her supportive messages advising her to ignore the haters and continue striving to be the best in the sport

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Just keep riding, Siti!

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Earlier this year, 17-year-old Khairul Idham Pawi became the first Malaysian to win not only one, but TWO Moto GP championships:

Meanwhile, 18-year-old Khairul Hafiz Jantan is making history on the 100m race track:

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