'Negaraku' Was Mistakenly Played For The Indonesia Team During FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

The Indonesian players were confused by the wrong anthem being played at Zabeel Stadium in Dubai, UAE last Friday, 11 June.

Cover image via MOLA

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The wrong national anthem was played for the Indonesia football team before they faced the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Asian Qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on 11 June

Instead of Indonesia Raya — the country's national anthem — Malaysia's Negaraku was played at Zabeel Stadium in Dubai, UAE last Friday.

In a live broadcast that SAYS sighted on MULA, an Indonesian video streaming platform, the Indonesian players can be seen taken aback by the wrong anthem being played as they prepare to sing their country's national anthem.

According to CNN Indonesia, striker Kushedya Hari Yudo and defender Arif Satria were confused by the blunder, while goalkeeper Muhammad Riyandi raised his hand to indicate that something was wrong.

A female voice from the spectators can be heard screaming "lagu Malaysia (Malaysia's song)" repeatedly before the organisers played the right anthem.

Following that, the Indonesian players can be seen beaming as they sing Indonesia Raya with pride.

Image via MOLA
Image via MOLA

At the time of writing, a tweet carrying a clip capturing the blunder has gone viral with over 2,700 retweets and 2,500 likes

The less than half a minute blunder amused many netizens on Twitter.

"They even want to claim the Negaraku song?" a Twitter user said in jest.

"Malaysia and Indonesia, we are brothers," a person cheered, while another added, "Don't worry Indonesia. We are of the same kind, we are brothers."

"This is just UAE's technique to demotivate their opponents," joked another netizen.

Image via Twitter

The 93-minute match ended with the UAE beating Indonesia five to nil.

Watch the national anthem blunder here:

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