F1 Enthusiast Instagram Account Says Sepang Is In 'Singapore Area'

The Instagram post that went up three days ago was covering the news regarding the cancellation of the Singapore F1 event this year due to COVID-19.

Cover image via @racinghub_ (Instagram) & Driver61

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A blunder is believed to have taken place when F1 enthusiast Instagram account Racing Hub implied that the Sepang F1 Circuit is located in Singapore

In a post on 4 June, @racinghub_ posted a short news update regarding the cancellation of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix this year.

Writing in the caption, the page says, "F1 and Singapore Authorities agreed a race was impossible this year, and alternatives are being looked at. Brazil is also under threat, due to rising coronavirus cases. Mexico and US double headers are being discussed[.]"

"[However,] Sepang, which is in the Singapore area is also under consideration."

It was the last line that puzzled netizens.

The Singapore Grand Prix — which was scheduled to take place 3 October this year — has been cancelled due to logistics and safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, reported Sports Pro Media.

The 2021 race that was slated to be held in Singapore is the country's last event following a four-year extension contract that was signed in 2017.

After the post went live, a netizen pointed out in the comment section that Sepang is in Malaysia, not Singapore

The Instagram user said Malaysia and Singapore are two separate countries.

Image via Instagram

The comment garnered the most likes.

However, it seems that most of its 15,700 followers do not mind about the blunder as the caption says Sepang is in "Singapore area", with a netizen saying Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei are all in the same area.

"They said 'in the area' because it's literally right next to Singapore, and foreigners might not understand. Just face it bro," wrote the follower.

Image via Instagram

Another person defended the same, saying, "He said Singapore 'area', and Malaysia is right next to Singapore."

Image via Instagram

Even with that said, Racing Hub apologised for the blunder, explaining that they meant 'Singapore area' as the region

Image via Instagram

The netizen who first highlighted the blunder said there's no need for apology as they only wanted to inform the differences between Singapore and Malaysia.

Image via Instagram

While this blunder was largely overlooked, it is not the first time foreign media has confused Singapore and Malaysia for each other:

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