Guys, Our Nicol Ann David Has Just Been Voted As The G.O.A.T In Squash!

So proud of her! :')

Cover image via Malay Mail via AFP

At 35, Nicole Ann David has been voted as the Greatest Of All Time (that's "G.O.A.T" for the uninitiated) by squash fans the world over

According to the Professional Squash Association website PSA World Tour, thousands of squash fans from all around the world have voted during the month of August to crown Malaysia's Nicol Ann David as the greatest player in Squash history.

PS: The term G.O.A.T (or G-O-A-T) is an Internet lingo, recently popularised, and is bestowed on those sportspersons who are the Greatest of All Time at what they do.

The PSA World Tour website writes that the Penang-born superstar is the first player of either gender to win the World Junior title twice

Nicol is the longest reigning World No.1 in squash history.

She held the No.1 spot for an unprecedented 109 consecutive months from 2006-2015.

"During that time-frame David won the World Championship title a total of eight-times, racking up a 56-match unbeaten spell, while she became the youngest person ever to receive a ‘Datukship’ in her home Provence of Penang.

"She reached a total of 102 PSA event finals – winning 81 – and won four Asian Games Gold Medals alongside two Commonwealth Games Gold Medals," the website wrote.

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An excited Nicol took to Twitter to show her appreciation:

And we Malaysians couldn't be prouder :')

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