Oh, Internet Rumour-Mongers! Mesut Özil Has NOT Donated His WC Money To Gaza

Please, please stop spreading lies about World Cup players and teams donating their money to Gaza. The false news and rumours only add to the harm that is already being done to Gazans.

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On Wednesday, 16 July 2014, an obscure site called Middle East Monitor ran a story titled "Footballer Ozil donates World Cup winnings to Gaza" without citing any sources

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Hours after, the Internet is now full of various sites picking up the story, each contributing to its viral growth

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Everyone, who reported on the story, claimed that the Turkish origin superstar, who plays for Arsenal and Germany, is to donate his £350,000 (RM1.9 million) World Cup winnings to Gaza

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But there's little truth to the whole thing

You see, this vast place called the Internet is full of people wanting to believe in make-believes, and there are many, many out there who exploit such people's tender emotions! This news about the German professional footballer Mesut Özil donating his world cup winning to the people of Gaza is one such make-believe.

It appears the whole thing started from this tweet from an obscure person named Tanvir:

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Now, Özil's spokesperson has come out to refute reports claiming the Arsenal midfielder donated the £350,000 to Gaza

"The claim that Mesut donated money to Gaza is not true," said the midfielder's representative Roland Eitel. "Maybe in the future, who knows? He donated money to causes in Brazil and he is now on holiday."

Even Rob Harris of The Associated Press has since declared the beneficiary of Özil's money is Brazil NOT Gaza

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And here's Özil, who on 16 July posted on his official Facebook page, that he had paid for 23 Brazilian children's surgeries

Screengrab from Mesut's official Facebook page

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Furthermore, all those who falsely reported about Özil are also falsely (again) reporting that the Algeria team donated their USD9000,000 World Cup prize money to the people of Gaza

Meanwhile, here's what you should read, see and share about what's happening in Gaza:

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