PKR Flag Spotted In The World Cup Again

"Malaysians rarely disappoint," a netizen quipped.

Cover image via @amirzahinn (Instagram) & FIFA (YouTube)

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Malaysians never fail to entertain us with a bit of quirkiness. And this trait of us has shown itself on the world stage when a PKR flag was being displayed during a World Cup match in Qatar.

The political party flag was spotted during a match between Croatia and Belgium at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium on 1 December, and a video capturing the moment has gone viral on social media.

In a 15-second video published by Amir Zahin, a cover singer, on Instagram, a voice can be heard saying that they are confused with the PKR flag being hung on the front row railing at the audience seating area.  

"I just want to watch (the match of) Croatia versus Belgium, but why is there a PKR flag?" said Amir in one part confusion, two parts laughter.

"Sesat ni (It's lost). This is Croatia versus Belgium, not Pakatan Harapan (PH) versus Perikatan Nasional (PN). Aduh!"

A quick check by SAYS on the FIFA World Cup official site found that the PKR flag was indeed being hung at the stadium throughout the game

The flag was strikingly visible to the camera all the time, as it was placed a few yards behind one of the goal posts.

The PKR flag was flanked by two Belgium flags, suggesting that the person who put it up was possibly supporting the Western European country.

Image via FIFA (YouTube)

At the time of writing, Amir's video was viewed over 475,000 times and garnered over 18,700 likes

Hundreds of netizens left hilarious comments on the post, with one saying, "Malaysians rarely don't behave mischievously."

"Malaysians rarely disappoint. Put up the Malaysian flag next time," wrote one Instagram user, while another quipped, "The person is stressed because they couldn't vote."

"Qatar fans be like: (You're) in the wrong server," a netizen added in jest.

Image via Instagram

You can watch the highlight of the match where the PKR flag is featured here.

Here are other times PH and PKR flags showed up at the World Cup:

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