[NEW UPDATE] Sepang Crash: Teenage Superbiker Dies

A race marshall died Saturday after being hit by a motorbike at the Sepang circuit, weeks before the Malaysian MotoGP.

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UPDATE: The superbike rider succumbs to his injuries

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The superbike rider, who was involved in the tragedy that killed a safety marshal at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC), has died. Muhammad Izzat Mohd Abdul Hakim, 17, dies of injuries at about 1pm Wednesday.

He was in the SIC Ninja Cup programme this year and had been racing competitively since 2006. In the Saturday incident, Muhammad Izzat had collided into safety marshal Satish Suppiah at about 12.30pm before the end of the morning practice session.

UPDATE: Muhammad Izzat is recovering after undergoing head surgery, while a probe has been ordered into why the rider failed to see marshal on the track

The teenage superbike rider who was involved in the tragedy which killed a safety marshal at the Sepang International Circuit is now recovering in the intensive care unit after undergoing head surgery.

He is still in critical, but otherwise stable, condition. He’s being monitored constantly and his heart rate and blood pressure seem normal for now,” said his team manager Steven Ong.

Preliminary investigations into Saturday’s tragedy at Sepang International Circuit showed that the incident was not due to a failure to follow guidelines. Chief executive officer Datuk Razlan Razali said this was based on the initial report and video footage of the incident.

Razlan said the veteran safety marshal, Satish Suppiah, 44, had done everything according to MotoGP protocol, the highest standard for two-wheel motorsports, adding that SIC would help Satish’s family in every way they could.

Satish, a race marshall, succumbed to multiple injuries shortly after arriving at the Putrajaya Hospital

While his two sons watched in horror, veteran safety marshal Satish Suppiah was killed when a superbike ploughed into him during a practice session for the Malaysian Super Series Bikes at the Sepang International Circuit.

Melvyn Shanesh, who witnessed the tragic death of his father Satish (inset), being consoled by a relative at the Putrajaya Hospital

Melvyn Shanesh, who witnessed the tragic death of his father Satish (inset), being consoled by a relative at the Putrajaya Hospital

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His two sons Mark Sudesh, 20, and Melvyn Shanesh, 15, had joined their father as safety marshals for the race, eager to share their father’s passion for motorsports.

Met at the Putrajaya Hospital mortuary, Mark Sudesh said the practice session for the 250cc class was winding up and his father was waving the chequered flag at the finish line when one of the riders ploughed into him.

“All I could do was watch in horror as the motorcycle dragged my father along the circuit,” Mark Sudesh said. “Safety officials rushed to his aid. My brother and I followed,” he said.

The rider, believed to be one Muhammad Izzat, is critical but in stable condition at the same hospital

The rider, 17-year old Mohd Izzat Mohd Abdul Hakim, 17, suffered internal bleeding and was had to be transferred from the Putrajaya Hospital to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital to undergo surgery last night.

The series’ young riders’ coach, Ahmad Zamani Baharudin, who was at the Putrajaya Hospital, said at Putrajaya Hospital Mohd Izzat’s condition was critical but stable.

The Sepang International Circuit released a statement confirming Satish’s death and the cancellation of Round Three of the Malaysian Super Series

The third round of the Malaysian Super Series has been cancelled and new dates for round four will be announced in due time.

“The race officials and the organiser have decided to cancel, with the steward’s approval, the Round Three of the Malaysian Super Series, with the steward’s approval, which is scheduled for today and tomorrow ,” it said in a statement issued by SIC’s media department.

“The decision was undertaken in view of a race incident at the end of the morning practice session which resulted in one of our race marshals sustaining serious injuries.

“Upon impact (from the incident), the marshal was immediately given treatment on track by our medical team and later, rushed to Putrajaya Hospital. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the the serious injuries. The incident is currently being investigated and a police report has been made."

The incident comes nearly 2-years after MotoGP racer Marco Simoncelli was killed during the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang

Simoncelli was only 24 when he died of injuries sustained after crashing on the second lap of the Sepang MotoGP race.

MotoGP rider Simoncelli died in a crash at the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix. It prompted SIC to undertake a safety review of a track known to be notoriously tricky.

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