This Guy Needs Your Help To Become The First Ever M'sian To Join This Arctic Dogsled Race

The Malaysian adventurer wants to show the world that there is no limitation to practising Islam, no matter where and in what condition.

This is Rizal Khalif, a Malaysian with a penchant for adventure

Rizal has ridden thousands of miles across Southeast Asia up to the border of China on his motorcycle and has backpacked to most parts of Indonesia and West Mongolia.

He is currently trying to complete G7 of Indonesia; of which he has so far submitted Mt Rinjani, Mt Semeru, Mt Kerinci; Mt Latimojong.

Rizal, who is on a journey of a lifetime, hopes to represent Malaysia in the Fjällräven Polar 2018, an expedition in the Arctic that involves a 300km-long adventure by dogsled through the Arctic wilderness

Currently ranked 2nd in Asia/Oceania region, Rizal's mission is to beat other participants from the region and become the first ever Malaysian to gain a place in the Fjällräven Expedition in Arctic 2018

In the Fjällräven Polar challenge, participants will be required drive a dogsled on their own in an inhospitable wilderness – across the barren tundra and frozen lakes and through mountain forests weighted with snow.

The journey that starts at the edge of the Norwegian fjords in Signaldalen and finishes at Jukkasjärvi area in Swedish Lapland, will also see the participants taking care of the dogs, preparing all their own food and setting up their own camps.

Currently, there is a global challenge going on which will continue until 14 December, through which winners are being chosen based on their online votes.

While the person with the most number of votes from each region will automatically qualify, a second person will be handpicked by the Fjällräven Polar jury from each group based on the quality of their application.

The Malaysian adventurer is competing against other contestants from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand for a slot in the expedition

Rizal says that his participation as a Muslim in the expedition is a way for him to explore the various issues related to Muslims

What strikes Rizal as the most interesting but challenging aspect of the expedition is how he will be able to observe aspects of the Islamic faith, such as ablution, prayers and cleansing, in extreme conditions.

He is hoping that with this experience, he will be able to share it with Muslims all around the world, and show that there is no limitation to practising Islam, no matter where and in what condition.

You can vote for Rizal by clicking on this link

Three days are left before the voting closes on 14 December, following which the winners will be announced on 15 December.

Image via Rizal Khalid

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