Sabah FC Fans Lash Out After Team's Loss To JDT In Malaysia Super League

Fans threw water bottles, showed their middle fingers, and one even took down a Johor flag that was hung on a fence.

Cover image via @officialsabahfc (Instagram) & Inforoadblock (Facebook)

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A series of videos showing fans of Sabah Football Club (Sabah FC) acting unruly towards Johor's team, Johor Darul Ta'zim FC (JDT), went viral as they circulated across social media platforms

According to New Straits Times, Sabah FC and JDT went head-to-head in the Malaysia Super League at Likas Stadium, Sabah, which was filled with cheering fans on 15 July.

However, what everyone thought was going to be a draw between the two football teams was changed when JDT's Fernando Foresteri scored a goal during the free kick, finally subduing Sabah FC 2-1.

The defeat was not accepted well by Sabah FC's fans who acted aggressively towards the winning team

In one of the videos, the fans could be heard shouting at the Johor football team, throwing plastic bottles, and even showing their middle fingers.

One fan even ran down to the fence and took down a Johor flag.

Another video shows a man standing on top of a fence doing inappropriate actions.

Fans could also be seen engaging in physical fights.

Sabah FC has since extended their apologies to JDT fans who made the journey all the way to Likas Stadium in a statement posted on their Facebook and Instagram page

The Sabah FC management also expressed their gratitude to the fans for their continuous support and encouragement.

"Every single one of the players took plenty of encouragement and motivation from your support," it stated.

However, they were apologetic towards JDT's fans and added that they do not condone such unruly behaviour.

It also stated that whatever occurred on the field cannot be used as a reason to lash out at the opponent.

The management acknowledged that tension and emotions will always run high, especially in such a competitive match. However, they encouraged fans to channel those emotions towards supporting the team.

Other fans also disapproved of the unruly acts and said that such behaviour paints the Sabah football team in a bad light

One fan commented, "(I am) disappointed with the attitude of the supporters with their rubbish mentality and degrading image."

Image via Facebook

Another added, "Don't let those who cause trouble enter the stadium whenever Sabah has any matches. It would only be shameful."

Image via Facebook

Read the Sabah FC's statement here:

Just last month, Youth and Sports Minister blamed cheering fans for causing Harimau Malaya's defeat:

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