Scoring Straight From The Bench & 9 Other Insanely Epic Goals You'll Never See Coming

Plot twist: Some of them weren't even scored by the players.

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1. That time a player scored a goal with his face

2. The one where the keeper celebrated too soon

3. The one with the impossible angle

Image via Wrzzer/Youtube

4. The one that gave the keeper extreme paranoia for the rest of his life

5. That time a player thought standard penalty kicks were too mainstream

6. That time someone decided it was a good idea to put Butterfingers in charge

7. The one with the crazy awesome one-legged bicycle kick

And then there were times when the goals weren't even scored by the players:

8. The one where the coach scored from 35 meters away

Coach Dragan Stojkovic scored a sensationally beautiful goal all the way from the bench in this J-League match between Nagoya Grampus and Yokohama Marinos. Despite the resounding applause, Stojkovic was sent off by the referee.

9. That time the ball boy scored a goal

In this 2006 regional tournament, a match between Santacruzense and Atletico Sorocaba took a turn for the bizarre when a ball boy tapped the ball into the net instead of passing it to the goalkeeper - and the goal stood, as confirmed by the referee Silvia Regina de Oliveira. The referee and her linesman were eventually suspended for making the strange call.

10. The one where Vadim Evseev got substituted with an ecstatic 5-year-old

In Russian footballer Vadim Evseev's final game before retiring, he was substituted by Khrisan Dzeus, son of a Russian children's charity CEO as a thank you to the boy's father for frequently hosting soccer camps for kids. Driven by wild cheers from the crowd, Dzeus took a shot that trickled through the arms of the keeper and sank right into the net.

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