These Cun Girls Are All Pro Gamers. Don't Mess

They can stun my heart anytime.

1. PMS Asterisk. This all-female group from Singapore is one of the more well known female DOTA 2 groups. They're not there to make up for the numbers as they have won multiple tournaments before.

Founded by Tammy Tang (second from left) or better known as furryfish, she was formerly in all-girls Counter Strike team and holds national medals in sailing and gymnastics. The rest of the team are made up of Kimberlyn See (kimchi), Cynthia (w4ndeRz), Ellza (MsJovial) and Ng Huayan (yan).

2. LGD.Ladies. The team is part of LGD Gaming, a huge gaming organisation in China. These girls are the organisation's hope to bring more attention to the local eSports scene.

LGD Gaming is one of the most popular gaming organisations in China and home to one of the biggest DOTA 2 teams on the planet. LGD is known for their Chinese team, called LGD-Gaming China, and they also picked up an international team. We have learned that they have also ventured into the female scene by picking up a female DOTA 2 team to represent their organisation.

LGD.Gaming announced on Facebook today their new acquisition of an all-female Dota 2 squad led by Zhao "Leah" Jie. LGD.Gaming are already a powerhouse in China and have a core Chinese and an International team. The new Dota 2 squad is hoping to bring more attention to eSports and Dota 2 in China.

3. Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) Female Group. Na'Vi is a well-known gaming group, making the finals of The International, a prestigious DOTA 2 tournament. The female team hopes to emulate the male team as well.

Natus Vincere organisation is pleased to announce the new DotA2-roster. From now on, five beautiful girls will represent the ranks of team Na`Vi in DotA2:

- Anastasia "PerfectVoid" Dmitrenko (captain);

- Masha "Inverno" Gunina;

- Sonya "Sofi" Romanova;

- Maria "MooNka" Malahovskaya;

- Ksenya "Leayh" Bazanova;

Yulia "Kiska" Zaenchkovskaya (manager)

Team captain Anastasia said the following:

"We're really excited about the opportunity to work together with such a renowned organisation such as Natus Vincere. I'm sure that this union will give a substantial boost to the female eSports development around the globe. Our team will do their best to represent Natus Vincere with honour and dignity."

4. VP.Ladies. Under the Russian organisation Virtus.Pro, these ladies are professionals in CS:Go, a first person shooter game. They have won 14 competitions and ranked top 3 in 7 other tournaments.

The history of the team started in September 2009, when the two top teams from CSI who had years of experience on pro-level decided to make one top team and joined the Mousesports multigaming organization. One month later the team won their first gold medal in “Pan-European Tournament” in Poland. During the next two years the girls were the leaders in CSI and the European female Counter-Strike. First places in “Arbalet Female Cup Qualification” and “ESWC Female Russian Qualification 2010” and many gold medals from ASUS Female Cups can be identified separately. In the finals of the biggest events the girls placed third in “Arbalet Female Cup” and fourth in “ESWC France 2010.”

Awards won:

- 1st place Pan-European Tournament, Poland, October`09
- 1st place EMS V: Female Qualification Cup Russia
- 2nd place ASUS Autumn Female 2009
- 1st place Female Про-серия
- 1st place ASUS Winter Female 2010
- 1st place Female Qualif Russia Female League Europe
- 2nd place Fnatic Female Cup
- 1st place Arbalet Female Cup Qualification
- 3rd place Arbalet Female Cup
- 1st place ASUS Spring Female 2010
-1st place ESWC Russian Qualification 2010
- 4th place ESWC France 2010
- 3rd-4th place DreamHack Winter 2010
- 2nd place ESL Female League Europe 2010-2011
- 1st place Virtus League I
- 1st place ICSA female showmatch
- 2nd place Virtus League II
- 1st place ESL Female Spring Cup 2012
- 1st place Imbarena Female Cup 2012 #1
- 1st place Team ALTERNATE Female Cup
- 1st place girlZ LAN Summer Kiev, Ukraine

5. Vegetable Fish Fizz. This group hailing from Thailand is no pushovers. Formed in October 2014, the team has already won a tournament and are among the top 32 teams in others.


Events :
Showmatch : ACG Thailand Qualifier 2013 @ Future Park ,Thailand(Won)

Tournament :
32 team round : Neolution E-Sport DOTA 2 Tournament October
32 team round : TGPL Presented By SS & Zest
1st : ACG Call for the beauties season one

6. Girlaxy. Team Girlaxy started out as a professional eSports and lifestyle team. They play a few games such as Hearthstone, Starcraft, and League Of Legends, hoping foster and grow the eSports scene in Singapore.

Formed in July 2011, Girlaxy aims not just to compete in tournaments, but also to influence e-sports culture in Singapore. The youngest in the group is only 18 while the oldest is 25-years-old. While they were rather skittish and cool when talking about cybergaming generally, they were much more passionate when recollecting their experiences as girl gamers.

And lest you think they are bra-burning, fist-waving feminists — no, they’re not. Rather, they hope to encourage more collaboration and sharing of resources between clans. “The cybergaming world in Singapore is quite divisive,” said Mary-Anne Lee (Glxy.Faerie), Girlaxy’s content coordinator. “They keep to themselves a lot, and there isn’t really a cybergaming community per se in Singapore.” She added that there’s so much diversity that sometimes it’s hard to get along. For example, the StarCraft people once got irritated by the voicecasting (commentary) done by the Street Fighter folks when they were at an e-sports tournament. This led to a forum war. To create a more collaborative culture, they’re forming partnerships with other gaming organizations.

7. Reality.Galz. Formed in 2012, this team from Thailand won third place in the recent Call for Beauties tournament, an all girls DOTA 2 tournament.


- 3rd ACG Call for the Beauties (Girl Tournament)

- 8 Round : GEST Bangkok 2012 #1
- 4th : Dota2 Challenge The Evolution qualifier (stage2)
- 1st : Dota Dsportgames Tournament#1 (Girl team tournament)
- 2nd : Dota Dsportgames Tournament#2 (Girl team tournament)
- 1st : Mini Dota Tournament @ Dsport audumsuk
- 8 Round : DotA AS Battle #1 @ The Mall Bangkapi
- 8 Round : DotA2 Mini Tournament By Mushi #Season 2
- 2nd : DotA Mini Tournament @Neolution Academy

BONUS: Joo Yeon. Another DOTA 2 player, she regularly hosts and streams her games live on popular streaming platform Twitch that has over 12,000 fans

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