This Guy Who Did A Backflip Over A 72-ft Canyon Gap, Gave YOLO A Whole New Meaning

Super-extreme freestyle mountain biking looks like a thrill. But it's also dangerous as all get-out, and something most of us are too scared (or smart) to try. So instead take this virtual ride down a precarious mountain slope and even hit a soaring backflip off a clip.

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WATCH: Kelly McGarry on mountain bike do backflip in this downhill thrill

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Pro biker Kelly McGarry had a camera attached to him for his silver medal run at the 2013 Red Bull Rampage competition in Utah. The resulting video just hit YouTube and is embedded above. It's stunning.

And, here's Kelly's terrifying ride in another perspective for more thrill

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The move helped him clinch second place and earned him the Red Bull Bike People's Choice Award from fans watching online.
“Last night I was freaking out, wondering if I should do it. But I had the speed, it felt right, so I just sent it,” McGarry told reporters after the jump.

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