This Malaysian All-Girl Dota 2 Team Recently Won Gold At A Major Tournament

Don't mess with these girls.

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Who said girls can't game? A Malaysian all-girl Dota 2 team recently came out on top at a major South East Asia (SEA) tournament.

Malaysian Dota 2 team, Grills Gaming

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Grills Gaming (abbreviated as GG) clinched the first spot in the Female SEA League (FSL) 4 on 22 Jan, Sunday. They defeated team DIA from Thailand in the grand finals with a score of 2-1.

Started in 2013, the FSL calls upon all female Dota 2 players within the region to compete together. This year's contest spanned over a total of 4 months, starting from September 2016.

A total of 23 teams that played weekly matches in the double round-robin format group stage, leading up to single-elimination playoffs between the top 4 teams last week.

The team consists of Stephanie "auroraa" Lim, Bette "istarx" Chia, Tiffani "Oling" Lim, Wei Sian "TimunSama" Wong, and Nicole "Catosaurus" Lim

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Before Grills Gaming came into existence, each member already had prior experience in the professional gaming circuit and participated in local tournaments such as Selangor Cyber Games and Dew Challenge.

Shortly after, the girls came together and formed Grills Gaming. Team GG is currently the only Malaysian team in the league.

According to Tiffani, there were numerous reasons why there aren’t as many female teams out there

"Over the years I've played in many female teams, and more often than not it's plagued with issues. First, you have the attitude problems, as girls have the tendency to overreact to criticism, hindering team improvement in games.

That aside, it's tough to find girls who share the same goals and visions - it's just too easy to let the attention get to your head before you actually achieve anything. Then you need to consider commitments such as studies and work, also the geographical factor - if you can play or train together on LAN," she said in an interview with Stadium Astro.

While the path to success as a female gaming team isn't an easy one, she emphasised that having like-minded members certainly helped

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"For the longest time we were hard pressed to find five like-minded and skilled girls to join our team, yet we kept stubbornly clinging on to our pride that it has to be a full-female lineup. So now you know why there are so few female teams out there, and thus why this champion title means so much to each of us."

A big congrats to Team GG!

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Speaking of which, a US Dota player ordered a cup of 'sky juice' at a Malaysian restaurant when he was here for a competition earlier this month. The drink wasn't what he expected it to be: