4 Things You Should Know About Becoming A 2024 Paris Olympics Volunteer

A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Cover image via Rentola & Japan Forward

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics has finally come to an end

Watching it on screen was filled with so many kancheong moments, as we rooted for our country's athletes.

But imagine what it'd be like to be at the venue itself, face-to-face with amazing athletes from all over the world.

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The 2024 Paris Olympics will take place from 26 July to 11 August 2024.

If you're wondering how you can volunteer at the event, here are some things to take note of:

1. Everyone is welcome to join as a volunteer, whether you're a student, retiree, or just looking for a memorable experience (or to cuci mata in person)

Based on the website, the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, and trials will require up to 50,000 volunteers.

It is not stated what age is required yet. However, according to this year's Tokyo 2020, the minimum age requirement for volunteers was 18. 

2. As a volunteer, you will be responsible for all kinds of duties, depending on your skills and what's needed

These are just some of the duties you may be a part of:
- Deal with accommodation and accreditation,
- Handle arrivals and departures in train stations and airports and/or at the official ceremonies,
- Direct spectator flows,
- Provide language assistance, and
- Help organise tournaments, among many others.

You might also be required to sanitise areas, hand out masks, prep medals, and more.

3. It is an unpaid job but a once-in-a-lifetime experience

According to Mint Lounge, you will need to pay or make your own flight arrangements, as well as settle your accommodation during the event. However, the volunteer confirmation letter does help you secure a visa.

The article mentions that several volunteers, who had initially signed up for Tokyo 2020, were not able to go in the end. Just something to be mindful of due to the ongoing pandemic.

Image via JAPAN Forward

4. You can start applying beginning 2023

An online portal will be set up in early 2023 for volunteer recruitment for Paris 2024.

There may be certain requirements needed similar to this year's Olympics, depending on the pandemic situation in 2024. For the Tokyo 2020 Games, prerequisites for volunteers included ensuring that their country of residence did not have an entry ban and that they had gone through the required quarantine measures.

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By taking part, you just might be able to experience some of the best moments in Olympic history:

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