BWF 2013: Organizers Say They Did Not Turn Off AC

The current world number one Datuk Lee Chong Wei dropped to his haunches at 16-19 down and tried to recover but had to retire from the match at 20-17, leaving Lin Dan, who is world and Olympic champion, to take the title!

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BAM demands explanation of air-cond switch-off from BWF

Kekalahan Lee Chong Wei: Penganjur Nafi Dakwaan Pendingin Hawa Ditutup

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) have dismissed suggestions that the air-conditioners were switched off during the men’s singles final between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan of China at the World Championships in Guangzhou.

The world body said in a statement Thursday, after a discussion with the China Badminton Association (CBA) and Local Organising Committee (LOC), that the air-conditioners were never switched off although one source revealed that the temperature had soared from 27°C to 32°C during the final.

The BWF statement went on to say that “during the finals, the temperature in the venue rose throughout the evening, but it was particularly noted during the men’s singles final”.

“BWF enquired about the air-conditioning system. The LOC confirmed that the air-cond in the venue were not turned off at any time during the finals, though they were set on low right from the beginning of the day (Sunday),” said the statement.

“However, due to the increase in the number of spectators on the final day – particularly during the men’s singles match – the temperature went up and the venue became hotter.”

Chong Wei says the air-conditioner shutting down affected his play

Chong Wei says the air-conditioner shutting down affected his play.

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“I did well to win the opener but the second game was a disaster for me. It was very hot in the stadium. After just two points, I knew the air-conditioner was shut down. I had problems with the draught, as the shots that I had anticipated to be out was in."

“I could no longer continue by then (at 17-20). I could barely stand, so I gave the walkover to Lin Dan. My muscles started cramping from the second game. The air-conditioned suddenly switched off and it was really hot.

“At 34 degrees Celsius, it was very difficult to play, I could hardly breathe. I couldn’t stand it when Lin Dan got his point 19. I sat down and tried to get up again, but that was it.

Lee Chong Wei is not giving up on his dream to win world title

Lee Chong Wei is not giving up on his dream to win world title.

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Lee Chong Wei says he will be back

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Malaysia's top shuttler Lee Chong Wei on Monday vowed to bounce back despite defeat in the badminton world championship.

“I tried my best but somehow I always miss out on a opportunity to win the world title. I am sad and I just want to say sorry again,” said Chong Wei, who failed to live up to his No. 1 seeding for the fifth time in the championships.

“I have said before that I will be playing until 2016 Olympics and that hasn’t changed even with yesterday setback. It’s my dream to win world title and Olympic gold. I can’t wait to get back to the court, but for now I will take a rest and hopefully can recover as soon as possible,”

“It may not have ended well for me but I am not giving up. I will regain my strength and spirit – to go for another one (World Championships in Copenhagen next year),” added Chong Wei.

“I went into the World Championships to bring honour to the country, the BAM and my team-mates. It is unfortunate that I could not achieve my dream of becoming a world champion. There will be another opportunity,” added Chong Wei.

Utusan says Lin Dan 'menang secara kotor' (click for full image)

The article published on 12 August 2013 by Utusan, rationalised that the reason for Chong Wei's loss against Lin Dan in the BWF Finals, was because of foul play by the host (China).

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Senario awal kelihatan seperti Datuk Lee Chong Wei yang terdesak untuk memburu gelaran dunia pertama, namun hakikat sebenarnya berbeza kerana tuan rumah yang terdesak hendakkan Lin Dan menang sehingga melakukan taktik kotor asalkan ia berpihak kepada bintang mereka itu.

Selepas dimalukan dalam perseorangan wanita dan beregu campuran ekoran kekalahan dua bintang No. 1 dunia, Li Xuerui serta Xu Chen-Ma Jin, tuan rumah cuba memastikan nasib yang sama tidak menimpa Lin Dan.

Sebelum turun gelanggang lagi, Lin Dan sudah memiliki kelebihan fizikal, semalam (kelmarin) Chong Wei diberikan waktu permainan yang amat lewat dan perlawanannya (mengalahkan Du Penyu, tiga set) berakhir pada jam 11 malam.

WATCH: Chong Wei vs Lin Dan at the BWF Championship Finals

So close. Datuk Lee Chong Wei's injury forced him out of the court and on to a stretcher!

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Chong Wei vs Lin Dan at the BWF Championship Finals

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Lin Dan says Chong Wei didn't want to give up

Lin Dan says Chong Wei didn't want to give up

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"He got this cramp out there and it reminded me of my training -- when you have that, you cannot move at all. From that moment we were not opponents any more."

"I really wanted to help and I went over to ask if he was okay. He didn't want to give up. But today's match shows is your attitude that counts."

"Both of us tried our best -- there is no winner or loser. Badminton is a cruel sport. You don't just need skills and talent, you also need luck."

"When the coach told me I had a wildcard I was surprised because there were only two months to prepare -- so many people doubted how far I could go because I hadn't played world tournaments for half a year," Lin said

Chong Wei hospitalized, his cramps spread to the abdomen

Chong Wei hospitalized but doing fine

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Lee Chong Wei Pengsan Dimasukkan Ke Hospital Setelah Tewas Kepada Lin Dan
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Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin tweeted at 9.40pm: “Update: LCW in hospital. Dehydrated & cramps spread to abdomen. He is stable & resting.”

At 9.44pm, Dr Ramlan of ISN tweeted: “Appears to be cramps of the quads, needs urgent attention in hospital, for the dehydration & possible ascending cramps”

Khairy Jamaluddin asks why was the air-conditionining switched off for the men's final

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin wants to know why the air con at the stadium was switched off just for the men’s final of the World Badminton Championship held in Guangzhou.

He tweeted: “Well dan, Lin Dan. Great effort LCW. Why was the air con switched off just for the men’s final?”

Players have been complaining about the “drift” of the shuttlecock because of the air conditioning throughout the tournament.

When asked if the lack of air conditioning in the final had given him an advantage, Lin said: "When you fully focus in the match you don't think too much about the atmosphere and the climate. Even if the temperature goes up, we will both sweat the same."

Najib says there is pride in defeat against such a formidable opponent

"There is pride in defeat against such a formidable opponent. Well done, Lee Chong Wei," Najib said on his Twitter account.

So close. Datuk Lee Chong Wei's injury forced him out of the court and on to a stretcher!

So close. Datuk Lee Chong Wei's injury forced him out of the court and on to a stretcher. You put up a good fight, Datuk. We wish you a full recovery.

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Datuk Lee Chong Wei's hopes of winning the World Championships suffered a second blow when he limped out of the final against Lin Dan of China, after suffering cramps while trailing 17-20 in the deciding set at the Tianhe Gymnasium.

Once Lin Dan reached 20, Chong Wei threw in the towel to indicate his decision not to continue before being stretchered out for treatment

Chong Wei who has now failed to win his first title, had earlier won the first game 21-16 but lost the second 13-21.

The score stood at 21-19 6-2 to Lin when Chong Wei had to call it a day.

Chong Wei missed the medal presentation ceremony while Lin Dan, a wild card entry after not playing since his London Olympics triumph, celebrated his win.

Will Chong Wei finally defeat Lin Dan?

Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan

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It's on...Chong Wei-Lin Dan dream final

World number one Lee Chong Wei will face Chinese superstar Lin Dan in the World Championships final Sunday that fans were hoping for, after a tense three-game victory in Guangzhou.

On Saturday, top seed Chong Wei came through a titanic battle against Du Pengyu of China with a 20-22, 21-12, 21-15 win in 71 minutes to set-up a mouth-watering clash with nemesis Lin Dan in the men’s singles final of the World Championships.

Chong Wei can expect a battle in the final as Lin Dan is intent on a record-setting fifth world title. The two-time Olympic champion beat Vietnam’s Nguyen Tien Minh 21-17, 21-15 to book his place in the final.

Lee, who has never won a world title, came out fighting in the second, leaping around the court, combining powerful smashes and delicate drop shots, with Du struggling to keep up.

Lin widely regarded as badminton’s best ever player, took on seventh seed Nguyen Tien Minh of Vietnam in his semi-final.

Chong Wei says this is his chance to win

The world number one singles player will meet his arch rival, Lin Dan who is the defending champion at the Tianhe Gymnasium here today.

“It is a match that everyone is waiting for. I have been dreaming about this moment for a long time. The time has arrived and I will fight for every point. This is my chance to win," said Chong Wei.

It will be tough but I will be mentally prepared for it,” added Chong Wei, who lost to Lin Dan in his other final appearance at Wembley two years ago.

Fact file: Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan

Chong Wei born on Oct 21, 1982, from Bukit Mertajam is ranked No: 1 in World Ranking.

Lin Dan born on Oct 14, 1983 from Longyan, Fujian is ranked at 286 in World Ranking.

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