You Can Now Virtually Walk Into All 12 World Cup Stadiums Thanks To Google

Google's latest Maps update will have you experience some of the football magic from the comfort of your very own home.

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On 5 June 2014, Google released a Google Maps Street View package that lets people explore all 12 of the World Cup stadiums and "hundreds" of other sites across Brazil

Google's put out full Street View imagery of the 12 World Cup stadiums and surrounding areas.

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The first game of the 2014 soccer football World Cup in Brazil is scheduled to kick off a week from now and — in what’s slowly becoming a tradition around major sports events — Google has released Street View imagery of all 12 World Cup stadiums.

In addition to the stadiums themselves, Google also took its cameras to the areas around the venues, as well as numerous other sites in the country.

These include painted streets and points of interest around Brazil, as well as what Google says is new imagery in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

Google has also rolled out a few features for fans who actually traveled down south to see some live goals

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The company amped up its mobile app to include transit data in all of the 12 World Cup host cities. This could come in handy when dense crowds make catching a cab near impossible. And, it also added indoor maps to more than 100 venues across the country, including airports, malls, and inside the World Cup stadiums.

"The World Cup is the biggest global sports tournament," Google Street View program manager Deanna Yick wrote in a blog post. "And whether you're watching the games from the comfort of your couch or packing your bags for Brazil, Google Maps is your ticket to the World Cup."

Check out these awesome Google Street View images of some of the World Cup stadiums, PHOTOS:

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Google Did The Same Thing 4 Years Ago At The Last World Cup Competition In South Africa

Google did the same thing four years ago at the last World Cup competition in South Africa, doing Street View on 10 of the stadiums as well as the host cities.

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