This Startup Is Moving Education In Malaysia Forward Through Crowdfunding For Teachers

In a bid to provide the best learning experience for students!

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Technology has broken down many doors and has given the chance to many startups and individuals to pursue diverse goals.

It has also became a tool for change and betterment of the society - education is one, for start.

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100% Project, is a Malaysian startup that aims to push education forward through the crowdfunding

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100% Project believes that great strides can only be made in education through collective impact. This means that we want to work with everyone - corporations, foundations, start-ups, social enterprises, schools, parents, teachers and individuals to move education forward in Malaysia.

The young startup connects with the public, allowing us a chance to contribute to a particular education project

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The projects could vary from improving their classrooms, organising field trips to implementing more innovative teaching ideas.

Following that, the startup will engage the public and connect them to these teachers, so we can all have a chance to contribute.

Founded by a trio of friends, 100% Project has done so well at its launch that it ran out of projects to fund

From left to right: Andrew Yong, Amelia Tan, Karthik Karunanithy.

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Andrew Yong, co-founder of 100% Project shared, “We’ve been surprised and encouraged by how supportive the public has been—it’s really affirmed how we Malaysians have always been strongly supportive of education and our teachers, it’s just that we’ve lacked, until now, an easy channel through which to help these teachers.”

The public was so convinced with the idea that it ran out of projects for people to fund!

So, how does one get crowdsource for a project? First, you have to be a teacher!

Image via 100% Project
Image via 100% Project

Teachers will have to fill out a form consisting of required details like subject taught, name of school and problems faced in said school.

100% Project takes up to 20 projects every cycle (year).

If a project is selected, it would be posted on the site's 'Explore' tab for the public to view and contribute

Image via 100% Project
Image via 100% Project

The public would be able to view each project in detail.

Since its inception, 100% Project has partnered with other businesses to help market their products.

The startup is also supported by MaGIC ( Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre)!

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100% Project has managed to rope in several partners, like FoodPanda and KFI to aid in their pursuit of helping educators fund well-meaning projects. Partners can use 100% Project as a platform to market their services by offering contributors’ perks in the form of discount vouchers to their services.

Check out 100% Project here for more details! Be sure to like them on Facebook too!

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