5 Local Websites That Help With Chores So You Can Lead A "Tai Tai" Life

You won't have to call for your "Kakakkkkk!" anymore.

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1. MaidEasy. The new Malaysian startup connects people to experienced cleaning services from RM20 per hour.

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MaidEasy is a new Malaysian startup that connects people to local cleaning service providers. Users key in the date, time and address, and MaidEasy takes care of the rest. Cleaning services on MaidEasy all come in at a rate of about US$5.5 per hour, but minimum sessions of four hours apply. To incorporate a ratings system, the startup will contact customers after the cleaning to get feedback. Customers will not leave reviews per se. Same-day service is not available at present, and typically users will have to book 72 hours ahead of time.

Visit their website here.

2. Kaodim. Directly translated from Cantonese, Kaodim helps you source for handymen and more service providers. View and compare price quotes before choosing the right expert. Win!

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In Cantonese, “Gao Dim” means “take care of it”, which is exactly what Kaodim does. Kaodim serves as a platform in Malaysia that matches users with service providers such as handymen, general contractors, personal trainers, and cleaners so the experts can take care of the problems for them!

Visit their website here.

3. Supahands. Ever wanted to have your own virtual assistant like JARVIS from Iron Man? You can outsource your tasks to their agents and even check on their progress.

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The users just have to select a task and then find the right virtual assistant for doing it. Checking the progress of projects is also very easy for the smart phone users. Most of their clients are using smart phones and that’s enhancing their experience of the virtual assistant system. Around 60% of the total requests that they receive are in English. They also offer virtual assistant in regional languages like Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and Cantonese. Supahands has full time agents or employees at the moment, but in the future they will train employees who can work from home.

Visit their website here.

4. GoGet. GoGet is another Malaysian startup that delegates little tasks for affordable prices. From picking up groceries to paying the bills, simply post a request and the amount you're willing to pay. Easy!

GoGet, described as a marketplace for errands launched the middle of last year by Chia and her three friends, offers people the chance to save a few extra hours by relegating little tasks — without having to break the bank in hiring a personal assistant. All one has to do is to post one’s requests on the online marketplace and state how much you are willing to pay per job.

The service is covers the whole Klang Valley and some out of state jobs as well.

Visit their website here.

5. HeyLaundry. This is every guy's dream service. It's like having your own mother (somewhat) spoil you by making sure you always have washed and pressed clothes. It's still in the early stages but we do really want to see this happen!

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EDITOR'S NOTE: I need this in my life. Please make this happen okay?

Visit their website here.

Help with chores = more free time to travel. Before boarding that plane, be sure to download these essential apps:

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