6 Life Hacks Hidden In Technology You Use Every Day

Life hacks are all the rage these day, which is why in our 33rd Tech Tuesday column, we're more than happy to point out the simplest ones that have been hiding in the technologies we use everyday.

Cover image via CrazyRussianHacker

1. You can actually boost your WiFi signal using beer can:

2. You can use your smartphone as a remote for YouTube:

Go to and press 'S' for search:

Image via YouTube

You will be brought to the screen below. Go to on your smartphone and enter the unique code.

Image via YouTube

Boom! Your smartphone now acts as a remote when watching YouTube on your computer/laptop.

Image via Sadho/SAYS

3. Make it easier to read if you're using your Mac in the sun:

Image via

To switch back to normal, press the same keys again!

Note: This won't work until you go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Accessibility and tick the "Invert Colors" box.

4. Extend the range of your car remote by using your head:

Hold the metal key part of your key fob against your chin, then push the unlock button. The trick turns your head into an antenna. The fluids in your head make it a good enough conductor to actually increase the range of your key fob. Finding it hard to believe? Watch the video:

5. Use your headphones/speakers as a microphone:

6. 9v battery, car charger and a metal key can charge your phone:


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