"800% From The Original Price?!" – NFC Touch 'n Go Listed On Shopee Angers Netizens

The popular NFC card was also listed on other online marketplaces for up to RM198.

Cover image via Twitter

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Netizens are furious after spotting the NFC Touch 'n Go (TnG) cards on Shopee that resellers listed for ridiculous prices

Twitter user @roku_shikii took to the social media platform yesterday, 24 August, to share his dissatisfaction over the concerning price of the cards, saying, "Who the heck bought these cards in bulk and then sold them for up to 800% more than the original price?!"

According to a screenshot attached to the netizen's tweet, the NFC-enabled TnG card, which originally costs RM10, was seen listed for RM75 and RM80 on the online shopping platform.

The netizen also demanded Touch 'n Go and the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) look into this matter.

In the same thread, the Twitter user shared the Shopee profiles of the sellers.

In the replies section of the thread, netizens shared listings of the overpriced cards from other online platforms

A screenshot by a Twitter user believed to be from a reseller's Instagram story, the cards were priced at RM120 a piece.

"(I) don't mark up the price for fun, okay. It's because the supplier increased the price," read the text in the screenshot.

Image via Twitter

Another person shared a screenshot of the same card being sold for RM198.

The name of the listing reads, "Couple Number 2 pieces Touch 'n Go NFC card ending number 567 limited number."

The listing was believed to be discovered on an online marketplace known as Carousell.

Image via Twitter

Touch 'n Go responded to one of the tweets by advising the netizen to buy the card from TNG Hub instead of resellers online

They said in the tweet, "We advise you to make card purchases via eWallet or at TNG HUB NU Sentral to avoid buying cards at high prices."

Image via Twitter

SAYS has reached out to Shopee for a statement on the matter but has yet to receive a response.

Touch 'n Go restocked the card today but placed a limit of one card per order following stock shortages:

Here's how you can purchase the card offline if you're in Klang Valley: