[QUIZ] Tell Us How Attached You Are To Your Phone & We’ll Reveal What Type Of Roti You Are

I am officially addicted to roti and my phone.

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We all loveeeeeee our roti! From the basic roti canai to the sinfully yummy roti bom, we just can't get enough!

But have you ever wondered which roti you are? Take this quiz to find out!

Psst...also, we'll tell you about a super awesome new Digi postpaid plan that you can register for more savings and amazing value, but later lah! Good things come to those who wait (;

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Which roti did you get? You can make this your staple order every time you go to the mamak lah :p

Confirm no more stress when you have to make your order, hehe!

We all have unique mobile phone habits, and that's why the new Digi Postpaid plan is so awesome

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With Digi's all-new Postpaid Start plan, you can enjoy free high-speed Internet for 365 days, with no speed cap!

Now, you can stream music, watch movies, and play mobile games without any lag all day err day! Wah, you can even use all apps every day with no limits.


On top of the daily high speed Internet, you get premium access to Dim Sum, Viu and Mubi for only RM1. Binge-watch your favourite TV shows and movies wherever you are - on the bus, in your room, or even when you're on a holiday.

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Faster lah, what you waiting for? #JomStart with Digi Postpaid Start plan and Jimat MAX for up to 50GB of internet, starting from RM58 a month only.

For more information on how you can Jimat MAX with Digi, visit their website for all the deets.

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