Amazon Is Teasing A Mystery Product Event For June. What Will It Be?

On 18 June, Amazon will announce a mysterious new device, and we think it's going to be the crazy 3D smartphone that's been rumoured for over a year.

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On 4 June, Amazon posted a teaser trailer to YouTube about an upcoming product launch event for what could be its rumoured 3D smartphone. WATCH:

While the video is slim on actual details, it's rich in clues

First, it features user reactions who say things like, "I've never seen anything like this." Others marvel at how "it moved with me" and "it's very real life."
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The invite request page features a picture of what looks like a Amazon-branded phone with black casing. It looks strikingly similar to the alleged leaked photos of what's said to be the 3D smartphone making the rounds online.

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Meanwhile, Bloomberg is citing a source close to the matter saying Amazon is officially launching a smartphone this month, although the report didn't clarify if it will include a 3D display

The e-commerce giant tweeted a link to its online invite form Wednesday, telling customers to "Join Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos for our launch event" on June 18.

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Reports suggest that the phone, if it is a phone, will contain a number of retina-tracking sensors to help create the 3D effect. Skeptics say it'd be hard to design apps for a 3D display and that in the wrong circumstances, it'd potentially ruin your privacy.

Interestingly enough, Amazon isn’t just sending press invites, but is letting developers and customers request an invitation to the event in Seattle on 18 June

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If you’ll be in the area on June 18, you can head to Amazon’s website to sign up.

This is the first time Amazon has broadcast one of its events so broadly

It's an unexpected move, given that large tech companies, Amazon included, typically keep tight reins over who gets invited to a launch event. But Amazon is challenging that image by opening its doors to the public instead of just journalists and partner developers. The company has repeatedly said it's No. 1 focus is its customers, so the quasi-open invite to consumers may be another way for it to drive the point home.

Although it's been long said that Amazon is planning custom 3D interface, it wouldn't actually be the first phone with a 3D-enabled display. Various 3D phones, including the HTC Evo 3D appeared a few years ago, but they failed to get any traction.

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