What's The Difference Between "AP" And "Ori" Phones?

Don't get confused.

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Been shopping for a new phone? Chances are you'd have heard shop attendants throwing the terms "AP" or "Ori" around

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It's pretty common for phone kiosks in digital malls like Lowyat to offer the same device in two different categories - "AP" or "Ori".

Experienced phone shoppers are pretty familiar with the two terms, but if you're relatively new to the tech scene or you're embarking on buying your first device, you might be scratching your head thinking, "What's going on?!"

Now, don't get confused. It's not some secret code. The two terms are used to classify the phones being sold in the market.

What's an AP set?

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AP (Approval Products) sets are phones that are imported from other countries. Everything about the phone is the same as a local set, but here's the difference - the warranty will not be honoured UNLESS the phone comes with an international warranty.

For an AP set, the warranty is given by the dealer or importer which means if something goes wrong with it, you'll have to claim the warranty from them, not from a phone manufacturer like Samsung, for example.

AP sets are also known as “water sets" or "grey import sets".

An AP set is generally made available ahead of the official release date

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For example, the iPhone 7 was sold locally by importers like DirectD ahead of its Malaysia release.

What's an Ori set?

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An original, sealed device sold by the authorised and original distributor or manufacturer, with a warranty honoured by them.

For example, Apple by Apple or any authorised Apple reseller.

The warranty normally covers LCD and accessories for 12 months while the AP one only covers the phone for the same period excluding LCD.

You can rest assured that genuine parts will be used for any repairs. And if the defects are covered by the warranty, replacements will be free of charge.

Which is cheaper?

AP sets are generally cheaper than Ori sets because the latter is fixed at retail price. Nonetheless, there are some devices which will cost equal, or even higher than the original devices if supply is short.

So, should you buy an AP set or Ori set?

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If you're looking to buy something that's more affordable, you could opt for AP sets. But take note that there are risks involved, such as complications with claiming warranty.

However, if you're looking for a fuss-free purchasing experience with no complications in the long run, fork out a bit more and get an Ori set.

Apart from these two common terms, there are also Refurbished sets and Clone sets

Refurbished sets are discontinued or have been recycled into new sets, sold as new, but at a much cheaper price. Usually without official warranty, these phones are “technically” as good as new.

Clone sets are replica models of any brand. Majority comes from China, and other mass-producing countries, you can expect these devices to crash and burn in a few months.

Most importantly, always do enough research before making your purchase. Practice vigilance and ask the right questions.

Shop wisely, guys!

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