Apparently, Sticking The RFID Tag Behind The Front Number Plate Of Your Car Works Better

A local man recently tried this and posted a video on TikTok as he passed through multiple tolls without any hassle.

Cover image via azrizakaria901 (TikTok)

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Recently, a man tried to find out if changing the placement of the radio frequency identification system (RFID) tag on his car will make any difference in terms of detection at the toll plazas in the country

And going by the video he posted on TikTok, it seems like it does make a difference for the better.

The TikTok user, NorAzri Zakaria, shared over the week that he wanted to play around with the placement of the RFID tag for a bit so he placed the tag behind the front number plate of his car.

Usually, it's placed either on the top left corner of the windscreen or in the middle of the left headlamp.

Earlier this month, thousands of Klang Valley road users were caught in massive traffic jams at toll plazas as early as 7am reportedly due to problems caused by the RFID detection issues.

The situation at the Sungai Besi toll on 17 January as drivers struggled with the newly implemented RFID payment lanes.

Image via Bernama/The Vibes

After having placed the tag behind the number plate, he drove to Kuang Timur toll plaza where the sensor immediately detected it

"Whoa did you see that? It detected so fast," he is heard exclaiming in the video.

Following this, he is seen driving through multiple other toll plazas without any issues, except the Sungai Buloh toll plaza. The gate took a second longer to open, but it was still able to detect the RFID tag.

Seeing that the new placement works better, he decided to make it permanent. The tag was initially stuck with cellophane tape.

"I then went back to Sungai Buloh toll plaza and it works, it detected like normal," he shared in the video, adding that he also didn't get stuck while he was exiting the Rawang toll.

According to him, the same hassle-free detection was noted at the Kuang Barat toll.

I didn't get stuck anywhere.

"So there, you can stick your RFID tag on the back of your car number plates. Looks good and tidy."

You can watch the full video here:


Letak sticker dekat belakang no plate (depan). Lebih cepat detect daripada tampal dicermin. Lebih kemas dan tersorok. Sila la cuba. #rfidmalaysia

Droptop - AP Dhillon & Gurinder Gill & Gminxr

Meanwhile, if you have yet to install your Touch 'n Go RFID tag, you can get it on the app or online and install it yourself for just RM35:

In case you missed it, starting next month, banks are set to reinstate their interbank ATM withdrawal fee of RM1:

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