The iPhone SE And 6 Things You Should Know From This Year's Apple Keynote Address

Another year, another iPhone.

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On 21 March 2016, Apple had its annual Keynote address where key figures of the company took the stage to unveil new products and features for the year

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The Keynote event was held at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.

Missed out on the event? No worries, we got you covered! Here are some of the key highlights:

1. A new, cheaper and smaller smartphone with a 4-inch screen is here - the iPhone SE

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The 4-inch iPhone SE marks a return to the sizing last used for the iPhone 5s in 2013, coupled with the 12MP rear-facing camera and near-field communication (NFC) chip used in last September’s recent release the iPhone 6s. The chip works in conjunction with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the home button to make contactless payments via Apple Pay.

Apple vice president Greg Joswiak discussing about the iPhone SE.

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Pre-orders for phone have started in certain countries, it is expected to arrive in Malaysia by end of May 2016.

2. The iPad Pro just got smaller with a 9.7-inch screen!

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The new iPad Pro has a 9.7-inch display and weighs less than one pound. The display on the new iPad Pro is said to be 25 percent brighter and 40 percent less reflective than the iPad Air 2's screen, and Apple claims that it has the lowest reflectivity of any tablet screen
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The 9.7in iPad Pro also uses a True Tone display that measures the colour of ambient light and adjusts the iPad Pro display to match, making the display adjust to suit how your eyes perceive colours in different lighting situations.

The iPad Pro will be available in Malaysia sometime after March 31. Prices are expected to range from RM2,500 to RM3,500.

3. iOS 9.3 is being distributed to iPhones and iPads starting today

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The new iOS 9.3 brings a number of enhancements to 3D Touch, TouchID, and CarPlay, but the most helpful new feature is the new Night Shift mode. You can now adjust the phone's display to use a more pleasurable and relaxing color temperature when you settle down for sleepytime.
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Additionally, Apple says its CarPlay, which works with iOS, is also getting an enhancement. Apple also delivered some subtle design enhancements across the operating system including to its Control Center.

4. A wider selection of wristbands for the Apple Watch. More importantly, the watch will be seeing a price cut.

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Apple also introduced a variety of new bands. There's a woven nylon band that is available in four different colors, a "space black" version of the Milanese Loop and additional colors of the sport and leather straps.

Apple CEO Tim Cook talking about the price cut for the Apple Watch.

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To go along with the new wrist-strap accoutrements, Apple announced that the starting price for the 38mm Apple Watch Sport is now down to RM1,299.

5. tvOS 9.2 is now available for Apple TV users

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Users can now, for instance, use the Siri Remote to dictate text into text boxes, including login screens and search fields. Input has also been made easier through support for Bluetooth keyboards.

Some other enhancements include the ability to ask Siri to "search the App Store," and better video scrubbing. A video must now be paused before scrubbing will work, whereas users could previously bring up the option accidentally simply by touching the Siri Remote's touchpad.
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Siri is also getting smarter with tvOS 9.2. Siri could already launch apps you already had installed, and now Siri on Apple TV can search the App Store. Press and hold the microphone button on Siri Remote, then try a command like ‘Search the App Store for Trailers’ to jump right to that app’s listing where you can install it.

6. Meet Liam (not from 1D), Apple's robot project that's designed to take apart iPhones for recycling purposes

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Liam is the envy of Android fans all around the world: It’s an industrial robot especially designed to rip apart iPhones. Liam detects the various parts in your phone before disassembling it and sending the carcass and the individual components to a processing plant for recycling.
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Apple says that old parts can become solar panels, new iPhones or other hardware. It’s not clear how many Liam’s Apple has, but the company says its engineers designed and built the robot itself.

7. Apple has also improved the visualisation of health data collected by the Health app

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Apple introduced the open source software framework CareKit, which can be used to develop healthcare apps. Apple plans to release the software in April, and the company said the software is aimed at making things easier for users to track their health and monitor symptoms, medications, and treatment responses and then quickly share that data with medical professionals and loved ones.
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“We believe that giving individuals the tools to understand what is happening with their health is incredibly powerful, and apps designed using CareKit make this a reality by empowering people to take a more active role in their care," said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer.

The iPhone SE is said to be Apple's cheaptest smartphone to date! More:

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