Apple Working On A Technology That Will Predict When You're About To Have A Heart Attack

According to reports, Apple is developing sensor technology that would be able to predict heart attacks and save lives.

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What If Your Wristwatch Could Tell You That You Were About To Have A Heart Attack?

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You'd be able to chew some aspirin to prevent it. You'd be able to call 911 and get the ambulance on the way. You'd be more likely to survive.

The Good News Is This: Apple, Which Is Reportedly Working On A "Smart" Wristwatch Of Its Own, Is Working On Just Such A Technology

Apple have hired a "renowned audio engineer" named Tomlinson Holman to develop software and hardware that would allow a watch on your wrist to listen to your blood flow and then alert you when "turbulence" indicated that you were about to have a heart attack.
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Tomlinson Holman, Whom Apple Hired In 2011 To "Provide Audio Direction", Is A Renowned Audio Engineer Who Invented THX And 10.2 Surround Sound

Holman has apparently been working on sensor technology to predict heart attacks by studying the sound blood makes as it flows through arteries.
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Apple is exploring ways to measure noise "turbulence" as it applies to blood flow. The company wants to develop software and sensors that can predict heart attacks by identifying the sound blood makes as it tries to move through an artery clogged with plaque, the source said.

Recent iWatch Rumours Have Predicted That The Device Will Monitor Your Vital Signs And Fitness Level Via An Array Of Sensors

A report from two days ago suggested that the smartwatch will use optoelectronics to monitor a wearer's heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

The iWatch is expected to work with a new iOS 8 application called 'Healthbook' that will store fitness statistics including steps taken, calories burned, and miles walked and vital signs including blood pressure, hydration levels, heart rate, and possibly glucose levels.

The Bad News About All This Is That Reporting On The Capabilities Of Apple Gadgets Before They Launch Is Often Way Off

It's getting better when it comes to iterative improvements on products with existing supply chains, like the iPhone and iPad. But for gadgets in new categories it remains iffy.
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For example, we've been hearing about a new Apple TV for years now. People had all kinds of whacky ideas about what the iPad would look like before it came.

Still, the evidence is piling up that Apple thinks it can make the iWatch something people want by making it something of a body-monitoring health-improving wearable computer. Most notably, it's been consulting with the FDA, and hiring impressive medical device talent.
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FDA records reveal that in December a high level Apple team led by Jeff Williams met with FDA chief Dr. Margaret Hamburg and Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, who oversees agency approval for medical devices, to discuss "mobile medical applications." At this point it's unclear if Apple met with the FDA to ensure it receives or doesn't need FDA approval.

Well, If This New Report Regarding Apple's Heart Sensor Research Pans Out, Apple's Rumored iWatch Will Turn Out To Be Far More Broadly Impactful Than Anyone Could Have Guessed. What Do You Think?

An iWatch concept design!

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