7 Apps To Keep You Safe When You're Out Alone At Night

Technology can keep you safe.

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Safety is a huge concern to everyone, especially if you're walking alone in the middle of the night. Yes, society has taught us to be well-equipped with self-defence and pepper sprays but honestly, they only go so far to help.

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Moreover, perpetrators are often equipped with weapons that could harm you.

Fortunately, if you have access to a smartphone, these apps will provide you with a degree of security:

1. Watch Over Me

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Watch Over Me is a safety app that was born from a real-life kidnapping story that left co-founder, Chin Xin-Ci badly shaken up. After the ordeal, she became involved with Watch Over Me to provide people with a sense of security.

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Watch Over Me tracks the user’s journey via GPS for a pre-set amount of time. The app currently allows the emergency contacts listed by the user to receive a notification e-mail if the user has not checked in safely after the specified period is over, whereas the paid version of the app sends a text message directly to the emergency contacts’ phones.

The phone also has an emergency alarm function that'll trigger the camera automatically if the phone is shaken vigorously. An alert will be sent to your emergency contacts and a video recording will start on your phone for added security.

Download Watch Over Me on iTunes and Google Playstore.

2. Companion

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The app uses the phone's built-in sensors to detect changes in movement. For example, if users start running or the headphones come out. If that happens, the app asks users to confirm that they're alright. If they don't do so within 15 seconds, the app notifies your companion who has the option to call the police.

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At the same time, the app will also go into alert mode for the user, emitting siren noises and displaying a button to also call the police. Alternatively, users could quickly report if you feel nervous along your route for any reason. Maybe there aren't many people around, or there's an intimidating stranger or scary activity nearby.

Download Companion on iTunes and Google Playstore.

3. bSafe

bSafe has some of the same features as Watch Over Me. For instance, it allows you to add contacts (it calls them Guardians) who can follow you when you’re on your way home. And like the other apps, it has an SOS button that will set off an alert to your Guardians, with your GPS location.

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In an emergency, the user can send an alarm to friends with their location information. The user can also decide whether they want the alarm to sound a loud noise on their phone or be silent so they can discreetly trigger it.

Download bSafe on iTunes and Google Playstore.

4. Circle of 6

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Circle of 6 is a free app that lets you build a circle of six friends or trusted people to quickly call on when you're in danger and need help, in a bad situation with someone else, or need to reach the authorities. With one touch, the app alerts your trusted friends or emergency services with your request for help, along with your current location so they can find you.

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Circle of 6 is primarily designed to prevent domestic and sexual violence, and help people who may find themselves in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation get out of it quickly. But it still proves to be really useful for the times when your car breaks down or when you stroll down an empty street at night.

Download Circle of 6 on iTunes and Google Playstore.

5. Family Locator by Life360

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This free app lets family members track one another in real time. It automatically lets family members know when someone has entered a predefined location, like home or school. For example, when someone comes home after school, the app automatically checks them in and sends an alert to shows they're safe.

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Aside from that, the app also includes a full location history. The built-in "panic" option sends out an emergency beacon to designated emails, text and phones with your exact location of your GPS coordinates. The app can also be used as a tool to chat with your family members.

Download Family Locator by Life360 on iTunes and Google Playstore.

6. Guardly

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One thing that sets this one above the other apps for personal security is the ability to set specific people to call in specific situations. Examples include calling your dad if your car breaks down.

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The app is also pretty smart about making emergency calls. It will automatically detect any signal failure or inconsistencies and automatically call once a signal is reestablished. It detects your current country using location services and automatically dials the correct emergency number based on that info. The app also offers a loud siren that can be activated in case of emergency.

Download Guardly on iTunes and Google Playstore.

7. PanicGuard

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Users of PanicGuard can activate the app when they feel that they are in danger by shaking their smartphone. The app can track the location of the user, record video and sends an alert to the user's emergency contacts.

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If the app is shaken again it emits a loud alarm sound and turns on the flash on the mobile handset. The app can be deactivated only by entering a security code.

Download PanicGuard on iTunes and Google Playstore.

Always be aware of your surroundings and stay safe, guys!

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Have you tried out any of these apps? Let us know in the comments below!

Safety and security have always been a major concern for homeowners here, but this local startup is planning to change that:

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