13 Phone Fails That Are So Bad You're 'Proud' Of Them

Because technology.

If you've ever complained about how annoying your silly ol' phone is, you gotta check out the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, because it's going BIG.

But first, let's look back at the phone fails that have made us proud #sarcasm

1. Using Waze because you're lost... and your battery dies

2. There's a 2-hour wait at the bank... and your battery dies

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3. You're at an awkward family gathering... and your battery dies

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4. Booking a super cheap flight... and your battery dies

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5. When your screen is too tiny to type on and autocorrect fails you

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6. Constantly squinting at your screen to read anything because it's just too... darn... small

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7. Trying to shop online and having to fill out a webform

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8. Making major life decisions over your most important apps

9. Just... Snapchat :(

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10. When you can't download anymore apps

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11. When you can't take anymore photos

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12. When you can't record anymore videos

13. When you just... can't

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Yaaaaas feel all the fails! You've had a good run with your faithful ol' phone. You really, really shouldn't have to live through the pain anymore!

As proud of your fails as you are... Maybe it's time to invest in a new phone.

There are tons of choices in the market, so cut your search short by checking out the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. It comes with a bigger screen, bigger memory, and bigger battery.

Its 6-inch screen means you don't have to squint anymore. You can watch shows and movies on your phone!

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Yeah... with 32GB memory and a free 64GB micro SD, you can finally watch an entire movie on your phone!

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And with a 5000mAH battery, you can do all the things you want to do

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Check out all the deets here and kiss your phone fails away!

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