Why Is It Important To Get A Smart Home Security System? Here Are 6 Benefits Of Having One

Over the years, home security systems have evolved, implementing 'smarter' technologies to make homes more secure, as well as for homeowners to remotely monitor their home.

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Did you know that more than 50,000 property crime cases were reported nationwide in 2020?

The Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) shared that out of the 52,000 cases, more than 14,000 were house break-in and theft cases. 

This means that around 38 house break-ins and thefts are reported daily, which is an alarming number. 

With the high number of burglary cases, home security has become more important than ever

A home security system is the use of various digital tools and electronic components that work together to protect a home. This includes having a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, alarms, smoke detectors, and more.

Over the years, home security systems have evolved, implementing 'smarter' technologies to make homes more secure, as well as for homeowners to remotely monitor their home.

While many may view getting a home security system as expensive and too much of a hassle, it can ultimately offer you peace of mind when you know that your family, valuables, and property are safe and sound.

Here are some of the benefits of installing a home security system:

1. You'll get to look out for your kids, parents, and even pets

If you're always at work, and can't help but worry about your family or fur babies, a home security system lets you watch over them at all times. 

By linking the home security system to an app on your smartphone, you can monitor what's going on at home via surveillance cameras.

This way, if something were to happen to an elderly or pet who is alone at home, you're able to immediately seek help. 

2. Helps to protect your family and valuables

In the event that a burglar breaks into your home and triggers your alarm system, the chances of the burglar panicking and automatically fleeing the scene are high, leaving you and your family safe.

If the burglar continues to ransack your house, the security system can summon help, which can ultimately prevent you from losing all your valuables.

3. You'll immediately be alerted when there's heavy smoke or if a fire occurs

Did you know that during the Movement Control Order (MCO) from March to August 2020, firefighters had to deal with almost 2,000 building fire cases nationwide?

According to Fire and Rescue Department operations director Datuk Nor Hisham Mohammad, the main cause of the fires was electrical faults. This means that even if no one is at home, an electrical outlet can become faulty, potentially causing a fire.

By installing a smart fire alarm or smoke detector, whether you're home or away, you'll immediately get notified if the system detects any signs of fire or heavy smoke.

4. You can reduce the cost of your home insurance premiums

Getting home insurance can be expensive, as the various costs can add up and result in high premiums. 

But, by investing in a home security system that includes security cameras, burglar alarm systems, smoke detectors, and more, your home will be considered low risk for insurance companies. This means that you'll get to enjoy lower premiums. 

5. Monitor your house's surroundings 24/7 and get real-time updates wherever you are

A security system also lets you monitor what's happening outside your house. These days, many security systems come with motion sensors that can detect any strange movements and notify you if someone suspicious is lurking outside your home.

Someone at your door, but you're not home? You can monitor what's going on from your smartphone, and in most cases, communicate with them via the intercom.

Plus, many security systems nowadays include tech-driven 'smart' monitoring or central monitoring network, which not only sends you an alert, but contacts local authorities immediately as well.

6. Warns you if any of your doors or windows are opened

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Nowadays, many home security systems come with contact sensors installed on your doors and windows.

This means that if someone opens your door or window when the security system is activated, the alarm will automatically trigger, or you'll immediately receive an alert on your smartphone. 

In many cases, the security system will also inform you which door or window is open. This serves as a handy feature if you tend to forget to close your windows and doors when heading out. 

Ultimately, by having a home security system, you'll get to enjoy a greater sense of security and peace of mind

With rising burglary cases, it's essential for every home, whether high-rise or landed, to be equipped with a home security system.

If you're looking for a reliable security system that provides around the clock protection for your home, check out SECOM Smart Malaysia

SECOM Smart Malaysia (formerly known as ADT Malaysia), has over 20 years of experience in providing excellent security solutions for homes and offices.

In this digital age where technology is more prevalent than ever, SECOM Smart Malaysia offers a smart security system that lets you keep tabs on everything at home via your smartphone.

With a wireless CCTV, alarm system, and mobile app included, you'll get to monitor, track, and receive reports, all from your smartphone and even smart devices such as a smartwatch. Handy, right?

Here's a better look at what SECOM Smart Malaysia's smart security system offers:

SECOM Smart Malaysia's smart security system allows you to monitor your CCTV live feed & control your alarm system in one user-friendly app.

SECOM Smart Malaysia's CCTVs are equipped with an advanced video analytics software that auto-detects and tracks intruders, so you'll get 24/7 protection.

Receive real-time push notifications and alerts on your smartphone for better peace of mind.

Aside from that, SECOM Smart Malaysia's smart security system is integrated with their Central Monitoring Service (CMS)

When an intrusion is detected, an immediate signal will be sent to CMS, who will alert users, as well as contact local authorities immediately.

If that's still not enough, SECOM Smart Malaysia even offers a smart insurance plan, which provides benefits of up to RM10,000 in the event of damage or loss to your home.

Check out SECOM's Smart Vanguard + and Champion + packages:

According to the National Head of Marketing and Sales for SECOM Smart Malaysia, Sukejender Singh, "If you look at the recent case that happened in Johor, smart security can no longer take a backseat in terms of necessity"

"Social media and personal information are now accessible to all sorts of unsavoury characters, and this is why you need a complete 'Smart Security Ecosystem' to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your hard-earned treasured belongings."

He also added that a smart security system should be equally as crucial as getting a virtual private network (VPN) for online use.

"This means having an up to date alarm system, well-placed surveillance cameras, mobile app, and 24/7 monitoring to ensure total protection from crime," he shared.

Interested to find out more and schedule a complimentary security consultation? Head over to SECOM Smart Malaysia's website today!

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