[VIDEO] Best Friends Face Off In A Game Of 'FIFA 22' With An Awful Punishment On The Line

Better play properly if dowan to face the consequences!

Cover image via SAYS (YouTube)

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Football fans, rejoice! The long-awaited FIFA 22 game has officially been released, woohoo!

Filled with all kinds of new details like the groundbreaking new HyperMotion gameplay technology and over 4,000 new animations, FIFA 22 is a landmark addition to EA Sport's 28-year-old franchise.

FIFA fans, you definitely won't wanna miss out on this latest edition of your favourite game!

To celebrate the launch, we decided to pit two pairs of best friends against each other, to see who would reign supreme in a FIFA 22 match. And of course, an awful punishment awaited the losers, huhu.

Watch the full video below to see what went down:

Less than 15 minutes into the game, Ashley came soooo close to scoring. Aiyaaa, just missed by a bit only.

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Isaac: "Shoot, shoot!"

Ashley: *shoots and narrowly misses*

Ashley and Isaac: "OOOOOHHHHH!"

Ashley: "I did something!! I did something!!"

Shortly after, despite Ridge telling her to pass the ball, Muns scored a stunning GOAAAALLL!

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Ridge: "Pass, pass, pass!

Muns: "Pass or shoot?"

Muns: *shoots and scores a goal*

Ridge and Muns: "Ohhhh yeahhhh!"

Ridge: "Cavani!!!"

With the score at 1-1, it all came down to the penalty shootout, jeng jeng jengggg...

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Ridge: "Sancho! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Muns: "Oh yeah!"

Ashley: "Does that mean we lose?"

Isaac: "Yeah, we lose already. We lost the penalty round."

Ashley: "Yeah!"

Isaac: "Dammit!"

The punishment for losing? Eat a spoonful of wasabi + a cili padi, ommggg! R.I.P Ashley and Isaac. T__T

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Ashley: "Wow!" *starts swearing uncontrollably*

Muns: "I feel so bad for them."

Isaac: "Can we get water?"

Ridge: "Lucky we won, right?"

Ashley: *still coughing and suffering from the punishment*

All in all, FIFA 22 is packed with small but powerful improvements that truly take the game to the next level

Image via EA Sports

The most impressive upgrade is how realistic the developers have made the game. In fact, 22 professional players actually wore Xsens suits, in order to capture their motions while they played at high intensity. That, combined with the new HyperMotion gameplay technology, makes the game highly-realistic, as if you're actually on the pitch!

In addition, FIFA 22 also features deeper player intelligence, through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to understand formations and movement for both attacking and defending. Other upgrades that have been made include significant improvements to Manager Career, Player Career, and VOLTA FOOTBALL.

Whether you're a longtime fan or trying out the game for the first time, FIFA 22 is sure to keep you hooked.

FIFA 22 is now available at all game shops nationwide. Get it and start playing today!

Image via EA Sports

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