This 'Brick' Might Look Ridiculous Next To Your Smartphone, But That's The Whole Point

If the cell phones of today are getting too light and thin for your liking, Binatone has just the device for you so you can relive the mobile glory days.

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Want to look like you're expecting a call from 1989? Then Binatone has the phone for you.

Its new Brick cellphone is just that, a large, honking device that would seem right at home on the set of "Saved By The Bell."

The brick is a two-way device, meaning you can either pop your SIM card in it and use it as your regular cell, or you can connect to it via Bluetooth

The Brick phone offers such state-of-the-art technology as a 1.8-inch color display, the classic "Snake" game, and Bluetooth 2.0 Consumers can add their own SIM card--2G only--or use the Brick as a Bluetooth headset with their smartphone.

Cleverly, you can view missed calls and texts on the Brick's display, too. For such a large device, the Brick felt fairly light, and its screen was bright, and its backlit buttons were easy to press.

The Brick’s most compelling selling feature: a one month standby time and 14 hours of talk time

“Smartphones today have notoriously short standby times,” says Lalvani. “The Brick delivers one month of standby time. Think about it – that’s over 700 hours of standby time. That’s 100 times more than many smartphones!”
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The POWER edition of THE BRICK sports even more impressive numbers with three months of standby time and 28 hours of talk time

In addition, THE BRICK POWER model can also be used to charge your smartphone via a USB port, making it not only a fun, retro phone but also a great second mobile to have handy in the event of an emergency.
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Both THE BRICK and THE BRICK POWER models feature a large speaker and a micro SD slot that allows users to load and play their favorite music

The speaker also enables THE BRICK to be used as a hands free bluetooth device. Other features include an FM radio and an LED flashlight.
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The price of this whimsy? The basic version of the Brick costs $70 (RM229). The higher-end Brick Power costs $100 (RM329).

Wait ! Did you say 1 to 3 months of battery life ?

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Consumers can also choose between several colors including black, white, orange, and silver.

Those who grew up in the 80s will be so excited--so excited--by the Brick's retro appeal.
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Mobile phone era began in 1973 when Motorola launched its new portable phone nicknamed 'the brick'' due to its size and weight

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