CelcomDigi Introduces New Unified Logo 323 Days After Merger. Here's A First Look

The existing physical Celcom and Digi stores will still run as separate brands for the timebeing.

Cover image via CelcomDigi & Oriental Daily News

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On 30 November 2022, Celcom and Digi merged to form a single corporate entity, CelcomDigi Berhad

Image via CelcomDigi

Both Celcom and Digi have been trusted brands in Malaysia over the past three decades. Their merger came with a shared goal to innovate and empower Malaysians to achieve their dreams.

Now, 323 days after its merger, they have finally unveiled their new unified logo.

In the new logo, CelcomDigi chose to stay with both of the brands' official colours, blue and yellow

Celcom and Digi are well known for their iconic blue and yellow, and they've chosen to maintain their brand identity Malaysians have grown familiar with.

In terms of design, the shape of the logo looks like a butterfly. At the same time, the letters D and C are visible, which represent the first alphabet of both companies.

Despite the merger, existing physical Celcom and Digi stores will still run as separate brands. They will gradually migrate under the new brand, CelcomDigi

Since there are many customers still using Celcom and Digi separately, CelcomDigi continue to maintain legacy products. At the same time, the company also will start producing more products under the unified company such as its recent fibre offerings, where both the Celcom and Digi customers can enjoy its services.

In celebration of the new era of CelcomDigi, the brand is offering all kinds of special offers

Image via CelcomDigi

For instance, you can now get up to RM1,000 in savings with the Programme Perantis 5G Untuk Semua. Aside from that, if you pair your postpaid plan with CelcomDigi Fibre, you can save 39% on a 75" Samsung Smart TV.

Stay tuned for more updates on CelcomDigi

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