Be Careful, Christy Ng's 3D Shoe Engine Might NOT Help Your Shoe Addiction

Ladies, you can thank me later.

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Here's the deal, ladies. We know finding the perfect pair of heels can be really difficult at times...

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...because wearing the wrong pair of heels can be pretty disastrous

Yeah, it's funny but you don't wanna fall in public, do you?

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Introducing Christy Ng Shoes, an online shoe company that specialises in customising women's footwear. You don't have to worry about ill fitting heels anymore!

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Christy Ng, the founder started the company in July 2010 with a target in mind - to allow customers to create and design their own high quality footwear

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With the "Design Your Own" feature on our web platform, everyone can design their dream shoes and choose from a tasteful variety of fabrics, textures, prints, laces and more and create their dream shoe in 3D real time render. With over 1 million possible design combinations in terms of different material options, heel heights, heel types, body pattern types, accessories and more - you can be certain that there is always something for any occasion and everyone!

To understand the craze behind the brand, we checked out the website and its unique Design Your Own feature:

The layout of the website is very clean and well organised. The moving banners are also a nice touch.

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Products are categorised into four sections: Design Your Own, New Arrivals, Read-Made, Custom-Made and More. By moving your mouse cursor to each section, there'll be a drop menu of the items. This makes it so much easier for customers to browse for what they want.

With international customers in mind, there's also a currency selection on the site.

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Scroll down further on the site, you'll see a collage of the types of footwear available, we were drawn to how beautiful the shoes looked on the site! Want to know what sells best on the site? No worries, just click on the 'BEST SELLERS' tab.

Moving on to the feature that got everyone talking - Christy Ng's Design Your Own. The base price for each customised shoe is RM480. However, certain premium materials might cost you a little bit more.

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To begin your customisation, select 1 out of the 12 footwear designs. From full open peep toe heels to cap flats, you'll be able to find your favourite designs here.

After picking your preferred design, you can begin customising your dream shoe

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Here comes the exciting part! First, select your shoe size. Once you've done that, proceed to select the material for each part of the shoe. We were really amazed at the variety of colours and materials available. Guessed Christy wasn't kidding when she said everyone will be able to make the dream shoe.

Premium materials like goat lining will cost you an extra RM40 - RM50.

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Moving on from materials, you may now choose the body style, heel and the heel height for your shoe. What's cool to note here is how you can adjust the height of your heels because we've heard girls complaining about their heels being too short or high. Considered that problem solved!

We're not done yet! You can add tiny details like ribbons on your shoes

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Want to spice things up a bit? Add some extra ribbons and straps on your heels! Oh, did we mention that there's also a 360-degree view of the shoe?

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Can't remember what you've put into your designs? No worries because you'll be able to review all your designs, add ons and customisations.

Finished designing your dream shoe? Proceed to check out!

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Review your order one last time before checking out. Double check the materials, designs and add ons that you've chosen for your shoes. Yes, the shoes are subjected to 6 percent of GST.

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The checkout process is straightforward and self-explanatory. You can log in using your Facebook account for a faster checkout process.

Christy Ng accepts Paypal, debit and credit card.

Shipping is FREE within Malaysia!

Overall, we were very pleased with the website because of how user friendly it is. The customisation process was easy and straightforward as well.

So, if you're looking for that perfect pair of heels. Why not try out Christy Ng?

Missed out on the Apple Keynote last week? No worries, we got you covered!

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