Confirmed: Malaysians Are #1 Users Of Poop And Fart Emojis In The World

Emoji on Malaysians, emoji on.

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Are your conversations constantly filled with emojis? One billion emojis were analysed in a study done by keyboard app Swiftkey, and it gave us some interesting results about Malaysian texting habits...

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SwiftKey analyzed more than one billion pieces of emoji data across a wide range of categories to learn how speakers of 16 different languages and regions use emoji. The findings in this report came from an analysis of aggregate SwiftKey Cloud data over a four month period between October 2014 and January 2015, and includes both Android and iOS devices.

1. Malaysia is the world's emoji capital. We send out more emojis than Americans or Europeans! Malaysia boleh!

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And guess what? It turns out that Malaysian SwiftKey users are the heaviest users of emoji. Even more than US or European users. It gets even more interesting when you find out which are the most popular emoji with Malaysians.

2. Malaysians are a sleepy nation. We use the sleepy emoji twice the global average. Must be because of the late night football.

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Malaysians apparently love the sleepy emoji over everything else using it twice the average according to an unusual study by SwiftKey.

3. France is really the capital of love. They send the most heart emojis compared to the rest of the world.

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Study found that the French are the most loved-up, sending more hearts than any other region, while Australians use double the average amount of alcohol-themed emoji.

4. Malaysians love integrating kampung animals into their convos with the pig being the most used animal followed by the ram

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Amazingly, we also topped the charts for farm animal emoji. That’s the cow, chicken, and rams. Of them all, the pig was the most often used while the ram came in a close second. What do you make of that?

5. Malaysians are the top users of poop and fart emojis, double the global average...

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We love using joke emoji like farts and poop; they ring in at nearly double the average rate. Guess which is the most popular joke emoji? Nope, it’s not the poop one, but the fart that wins. Want to know who takes themselves very seriously. The Russians.

6. Malaysians love football. So much so that we use the emoji three times more than football crazy nations in South America!

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Yes, we can. When it comes to sport-related emoji, the soccer ball is the most popular. We use it three times more than other cultures, including Latin American Spanish speakers.

7. Malaysians lead the charge in girl power emojis, especially with the "woman raising hand" emoji. Talk about sass!

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While we did not come first in users of male emoji, it turns out that we are the biggest users of female emoji. More specifically, we use the “woman raising hand” emoji the most, as does the US. We really thought it'd be the woman in the red dress.

You can view the rest of the report here

Here's some even better news for you tech addicts: Our Internet speeds has gotten a boost too!

On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal said that Malaysians created the selfie stick. True or not?

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