Need To Make An Online Transfer? You Could Win RM100,000 By Transferring RM10 Via DuitNow

You also stand a chance in winning an iPhone 12 Pro!

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In this digital age, cashless payments are SO convenient :D

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It especially comes in handy when your wallet is devoid of banknotes, but then you realise online transactions are now commonplace in Malaysia. Tedious and time-consuming tasks such as paying the bills are now easily done within 5 minutes, thanks to the many digital platforms out there.

With DuitNow as a reliable platform to conduct online transactions from one party to another, you can send money instantly on a 24/7 basis to mobile numbers, NRIC numbers or business registration numbers.

Forget asking, 'What's your bank account number ah?' All you need is the recipient's phone number to make a transfer - it's that simple!

Instead of painstakingly having to key in a lengthy bank account number every time you wish to make a transaction, you can use the receiver's phone number that is tied to their bank account. As a sender, you don't require registration to send money, however you do need to perform a one-time registration in order to receive.

This can be done in 3 simple steps:

1. To find DuitNow, open your chosen Mobile and Internet Banking app (click here to find out if your bank is a participating payment provider of DuitNow) and log in

2. Look for DuitNow under the ‘Funds Transfer’ or ‘Send Money’ menu

3. Link your ID (e.g. mobile number, NRIC number) with your bank accounts or e-money accounts via a one-time registration with DuitNow 

Once you've done that, anyone who wants to send you cash can easily do so with just your phone number. So easy!

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Since it is absolutely free to send up to RM5,000 per transfer using DuitNow, you won't have to worry about additional costs for every transfer. It's also possible for you to have multiple DuitNow IDs, though only one ID can be registered to one bank account.

Also, rest assured that the most anyone can do with your DuitNow ID is to direct payments to it; they will not be able to access your bank account. That's what makes DuitNow so secure!

Regardless of whether you're a tech-savvy person or not, DuitNow is designed to simplify the online transfer process

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Consider this: the next time you want to #sapotlokal online by purchasing their wares, you can easily make the transfer via DuitNow. Once you have their DuitNow ID, you can make transactions to your favourite local business seamlessly!

Or, if you'd like to help out your parents with the house bills and groceries, all you would require is their phone numbers, which are definitely numbers you have memorised! You can easily treat your parents and send money to their DuitNow ID instantly.

Putting convenience aside, #DahDuitNowKe gives you an opportunity to win yourself some cash prizes by just transferring funds as low as RM10!

Yes, only RM10! This is DuitNow's way of rewarding customers who transact with DuitNow and newly registered customers as well.

Here are the prizes up for grabs:

- Monthly Prize (3x winners per month) – iPhone 12 (512GB) or iPhone 12 Pro* (512GB)
- Grand Prize (1 winner per month) – RM100,000
* The iPhone 12 Pro (512GB) model is subject to the actual launch date in Malaysia and may or may not be available during winner selection. In the event the launch date is delayed, winners are entitled to win the iPhone 12 (512GB).

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FYI, it's the final month to win prizes so make all your DuitNow transactions before 31 January 2021!

Here's your chance to receive a windfall of cash simply by conducting online transactions via DuitNow! Find out more about #DahDuitNowKe over at their website.

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