Sabah-Born Wins First Prize In the UK For His Tech That Can Predict Dengue Outbreaks

He is not only working towards saving lives, through his efforts to do so, Dr. Dhesi is also making his country proud.

Cover image via Zeno Malaysia

Dengue is a serious problem in Malaysia, where every year more than hundred people die from the debilitating viral disease.
Yet there's still no vaccine or medicine that can help prevent it.

That said, a Malaysian has just won the Pistoia Alliance Life Science Award for developing a mobile app that predicts dengue outbreaks.

Image via Zeno Malaysia

President of Malaysian Integrated Medical Professional Association (Mimpa), Dr. Dhesi Baha Raja claims that the app can give warnings of possible outbreaks 2 to 3 months in advance with an accuracy of 84-88% under a radius of 400 meter, according to a report in FMT

"The biggest challenge is to gather and extrapolate data and to create information out of it," FMT quoted Dr. Dhesi as saying, adding that while bringing the technology to Malaysia was a difficult task as there were more than 23 variables that his app used to determine the outbreak of dengue, he is definitely looking to bring the app to Malaysia.

The mobile app, which was developed over the duration of two years by a team of six people led by Dr Dhesi, has also won the Singularity University's Global Impact Competition in Silicon Valley

Hoping to revolutionise public health by moving from a reactive approach to a proactive one, Dr. Dhesi would be working with mobile digital service provider Webe. The Sabah-born doctor also hopes to partner with the Health Ministry.

Moreover, Dr. Dhesi's app, which will be free to use if developed, will be the first of its kind and Malaysia will be the first country to benefit from its use in combating dengue outbreaks

Dr. Dhesi, who has done his training with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, has also invented multiple Artificial intelligence Health Programs in the country.

However, his app needs your support to become a reality.

In order to support Dr. Dhesi app, which can save lives by reduction of dengue and Zika infections and deaths among Malaysians, you will need to vote for his project. You can do so by going to the webe community and downloading the webe community’s app.

Meanwhile, here's another Malaysian making us proud: