This Electrical Office Chair Lets You 'Drive' Around The Office At Up To 20KM Per Hour

Vroom-vroom in da office.

Cover image via Deezen (Youtube)

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Volkswagen has always been a purveyor of stylish mobile and electric cars, but they recently came out with something new

The automotive manufacturer unveiled a prototype of a five-wheeled office chair powered by technology used in their electric cars that features a horn, seatbelt, and hi-fi music system.

According to Martin Gautron, a technician at Volkswagen, the challenge was to put as many features as they can from a real Volkswagen car into an office chair.

The office chair closely resembles a gaming chair and can accelerate up to a speed of 20 kilometres per hour! :O

The electrical office chair reportedly has an estimated range of 12km per charge, so you can drive around from meeting to meeting in a single day without worrying that the battery will run out.

It also packs an infotainment system that lets you choose your music, keep track of the chair's status, and navigate a 360-degree rearview camera so you can keep in check of your surroundings.

Just make sure to strap on your seatbelt when you wear it. Yes, there's a seatbelt too. :P

The chair also features LED lights and a storage space that balances aesthetics and functionality

LED striplights are placed on the armrests to signify when the chair is accelerating as well as two brake lights to notify those around you when you're braking.

In addition to that, the office chair also comes with a handy storage space at the back of it that's wide enough to fit your work laptop and documents during meetings!

Wanna bring a buddy along for a ride? just clip them over through the chair's trailer hitch.

Unfortunately, you won't be seeing these electrical chairs in Volkswagen showrooms anytime soon

Volkswagen has stated that they are merely prototypes and won't be going into production. That being said, users can take the chair for a test spin in at dealerships and events throughout Norway, if you're there!

Meanwhile, check out the full scope of the office chair below:

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