11 Hilarious And Relatable Reactions To Energizer's "Super Thicc" Phone

Cannot tell if it's a phone or a powerbank.

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You know Energizer, the slightly atas batteries that are essential in everybody's lives

Well, Energizer unveiled its latest smartphone model recently and it is an absolute unit

Image via The Verge

The Verge reported that the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop's main boast is a 18,000mAh battery, which explains its 18mm thickness.

Avenir Telecom - the licensor of the Energizer brand - claims the Power Max P18K Pop could weeks on a single charge.

Naturally, the Internet has lit up with hilarious reactions to this "chonky boi".

Here are some of the best ones:

1. With one phone and two powerbanks, you could have the same effect too

2. Here's a do-it-yourself tutorial:

3. Leo Tolstoy believes the two most powerful warriors are patience and time, because he never met this phone

Image via The Inquirer

4. Remember that super fit Energizer battery mascot?

5. Historical design, modern problems

6. The first thought that comes to everyone's mind

7. Feel the burn!

8. The 90's called...

9. Make it Nokia, but better

10. No need for tasers when you have this bad boi

Image via Facebook

11. You would need to buy an extra seat for it

Image via Facebook

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