You May Have To Pay To Use Facebook & Instagram In The Future

This subscription plan will remove adverts from the platform.

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Meta is introducing a subscription plan for users to remove pesky ads from appearing

Meta will soon be offering users in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland, the option to pay a monthly subscription which will remove ads from Facebook and Instagram.

The new subscription plan won't affect Southeast Asian users at the moment, but things may change in the future.

The subscription will start at €9.99 (RM50.43) for an ad-free experience

Meta supports the idea of ads because it provides individuals with access to personalised ads and services regardless of economic status. Additionally, it enables small businesses to connect with potential customers, expand their operations, open up new markets, and contribute to economic growth.

According to Meta, the change to offer a no-ads subscription is being made to meet various developing and emerging regulatory requirements in the region.

Users who do not opt for the subscription will not be severely affected

Users deciding not to subscribe will have their current experience unchanged. This experience will still be supported by the tools and settings Meta has established to grant users control over their ad experience.

These tools include Ad Preferences, providing a variety of controls allowing users to influence the advertisements they encounter and the information utilised to tailor these ads, including activity data from advertising partners. Additionally, Meta offers a resource centre with guides to help users manage their ad experience.

While this will not affect users in Malaysia for now, the subscription may potentially reach our shores

It may not affect us Malaysians as of yet, however, the subscription plan may be remodelled to fit different regions for users to enjoy an ad-free experience in the future.

In the third-quarter earnings report released recently, Meta disclosed that its Reality Labs division, responsible for creating metaverse-related technologies, reported an operating loss of USF3.74 billion (RM17.34 billion).

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