[FACT OR FAKE #99] Is It Actually Possible To Charge Your Phone With A Watermelon?

When you Google "charge your iPhone with a watermelon", it gives you over 1,12,000 search results, with the first page filled with sources claiming how you can do it. So we decided to dig deeper and analysis these claims in our FACT OR FAKE column this week.

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On 17 March, Android Store Việt Nam uploaded a video on their Facebook page, titled: "Charge your phone using watermelon"

The one and half minute-long video purports to show that you can charge your iPhone with a watermelon. How?

All you need to do is to take a watermelon and place it in a bowl filled with water and ice, stick the charger in the watermelon and then plug the other end of the charger in the iPhone. Magic!

At the time of writing this story, the video has more than 14 million views with over 122k Likes and has been shared over 270k times.

So is it actually possible to charge your phone with a watermelon?

Of course not! It's not possible! Conclusion: FAKE!

Then how come the video shows you can?

Well, first of all, the video posted by Android Store Việt Nam is an incomplete one, secondly it's an old hoax (yes, a hoax) perpetrated by a Vine video which fooled majority of the Internet-dwellers.

The original video, which is actually three and half a minute-long, was uploaded on YouTube channel ThreadBanger on 15 March

What Android Store Việt Nam did with this video is that they cut it to the part where it tries to show you can charge your phone with a watermelon and uploaded on their page, fooling everyone!

However, as you saw in the video above, you cannot possibly charge your phone using a watermelon, or for that matter any such fruits! The original video dispels the hoax that it's possible.

Although, on a lighter note, this might work ;)

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