8 Things We Wished Our Smart Phone Could Do RIGHT NOW

The ability to download food off the Internet? Yes please!

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Smartphones have come a long way in terms of features and the technology behind it. But there are still some things that we wish to see one day on a phone...

1. The ability to give users the power to download food over the Internet, all with the touch of your finger

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The problem: You're hungry and you want food.

The solution: Your phone will be able to detect when your saliva meliur while looking at pictures of food via Instagram through the front facing camera. "Download food?" Click "YES". Voila! No more being hangry (hungry+angry) at night! Imagine downloading a steaming hot bowl of laksa when you're craving for something spicy and soupy at 1am!

2. The power to last on a single charge for 7 whole days

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The problem: You need to charge your phone at the end of every day, sometimes even while you're at work.

The solution: Once it's fully charged, your phone's battery will last for weeks! Well we're slowly on the way there already. The Honor 7 already has a feature which allows quick charging. A full battery in just one and a half hours!

3. The ability to block you from sending THAT text to your ex

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The problem: You're out with your friends at night one day and you come home late. Suddenly the thought of your ex comes into your mind and you decided to reconnect. But just when you press 'send', you end up regretting it right away...

The solution: The phone understands that moving on is hard. So it'll scan your social media channels and removes any trace of your ex's existence. When activated, your Facebook news feed will remove photos where your ex is tagged by mutual friends. Basically, no more texts to regret!

4. A feature where it tells you how much water we need to consume daily

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The problem: We humans don't drink enough water.

The solution: With this new feature, you just need to press your thumb on a sensor pad plugged into your phone. Your phone will then tell you exactly how hydrated you are from the moisture in your skin. It can also tell you how much water you need to take in to return to normal levels. Problem solved!

5. The ability to identify people you've met before but you forgot their names

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The problem: You're at a conference and a party and someone says hi to you and calls you by name but you just can't put a face on it.

The solution: With this feature, your phone connects with their phone and scans your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see if you're already connected with them. Your phone will then determine if there is a match. Your phone will then give you 3 headline facts about that person. Look down. Read quickly. Awkward situation averted.

6. The ability to make itself be found when you lost it

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The problem: Humans always lose their possessions, especially their phone.

The solution: A feature where your phone can let you know where its hiding when you're looking for it by ringing loudly! Oh wait... There already is one with the Honor 7.

7. A feature that knows if someone is trying to post silly statuses on your social media accounts

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The problem: Your social media accounts are always taken over by your friends, posting silly statuses or embarrassing pictures. This needs to stop!

The solution: Yes, there are fingerprint IDs already but this needs to be taken to the next level! What if certain fingerprints open up certain home screens for your friends while hiding certain apps? Maybe there is already one...

8. The feature to auto un-tag any unglamorous photos on social media

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The problem: You're out at night with your friends having fun and you come home to see a photo of you tagged on Facebook in a rather embarrassing shot. You have a job interview tomorrow...

The solution: By granting this feature access to your Facebook profile, it will use proprietary software from previously untagged Facebook photos to determine the types of pictures that you don't want to be seen. Unflattering angles? That weird party? That embarrassing outfit? Never again, my friend!

While we can only dream about some of these features, the Honor 7 is bringing some of our desired features to reality...

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From fingerprint technology to ringing when you call its name, the Honor 7 is tech miles ahead of its competition. Find out what else it can do for you here.

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